MS In CS (Computer Science) Entire Curriculum

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Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I apologize for this post to be delayed. This week was a busy one as I had multiple projects to complete. In this post, I will be discussing the Curriculum or Syllabus of MS in CS in the USA. Generally the syllabus differs from one University to another. Hence I will be discussing the Syllabus in general and not specific to any University. This will give an overview on what all subjects to expect in MS. So, here’s the Curriculum of MS in CS.

Curriculum For MS in CS (Computer Science): – 

1) Pre-Requisite Courses.

Let’s start with the pre-requisite courses that some students have to complete. Pre-requisite courses are recommended by Universities for students who are from non CS background.

  • Introduction to Programming. (C++, Java etc.)
  • Data Structures.

2) Core Area.

This contains all the major subjects that one has to go through for completing MS in CS. Generally Universities have many core subjects and students have to select at least  six from the set of core subjects. Here is the list of core subjects that you may get. Additionally, you are not permitted to repeat any of the following courses if you have already taken it or its equivalent at the undergraduate or graduate level and received a grade of B or better

Computer Systems Core Area

  • Computer Architecture I, Credits: 3.00
  • Computer Architecture II, Credits: 3.00
  • Introduction to Operating Systems, Credits: 3.00
  • Operating Systems II, Credits: 3.00
  • Distributed Operating Systems, Credits: 3.00
  • Computer Networking, Credits: 3.00
  • Information, Security and Privacy, Credits: 3.00
  • Network Security, Credits: 3.00

Theory Core Area

  • Foundations of Computer Science, Credits: 3.00
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms I, Credits: 3.00
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms II, Credits: 3.00
  • Theory of Computation, Credits: 3.00
  • Modern Cryptography, Credits: 3.00
  • Computational Geometry, Credits: 3.00

Programming/Software Core Area

  • Software Engineering I, Credits: 3.00
  • Software Engineering II, Credits: 3.00
  • Principles of Database Systems, Credits: 3.00
  • Programming Languages, Credits: 3.00
  • Compiler Design and Construction, Credits: 3.00
  • Interactive Computer Graphics, Credits: 3.00
  • Artificial Intelligence I, Credits: 3.00
  • Application Security, Credits: 3.00

3) Electives.

Generally students are allowed to take 4 electives out of the list of electives that have been given. But this too differs from one University to another.

  • Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems, Credits: 3.00
  • Computer Vision and Scene Analysis, Credits: 3.00
  • Neural Network Computing, Credits: 3.00
  • UNIX and PERL, Credits: 3.00
  • Introduction to Java, Credits: 3.00
  • Human Computer Interaction, Credits: 3.00
  • Advanced Database Systems, Credits: 3.00
  • Biometrics, Credits: 3.00
  • Object Oriented Design in Java, Credits: 3.00
  • Machine Learning, Credits: 3.00
  • Web Search Engines, Credits: 3.00

To Conclude:-  

As I said before, the syllabus that has been given here is general. The Syllabus will vary from one University to another. But more or less you will encounter these subjects in your MS in CS

32 thoughts on “MS In CS (Computer Science) Entire Curriculum

  1. may i know the top universities in us , for MS in computer science?
    i would also like to know the job opportunities after doing MS in it, and also what might be the starting salary

        • Moreover the only important question I want to know as always that is how much Money in USD requires for ms program?it is quit obvious you cannot say exactly but. I want a approximate value.

    • I just checked syllabus in India and US, both has almost same syllabus and even books from author might be same. Why don’t you have BE or MCA in India itself. In fact India has more IT resources, colleges which has great knowledge compared to other countries. It is just an hype to have MS from US. If you need knowledge do MCA or BE from india, and if you are only behind money do it from US. I know people from other countries are attractive due to difference in foreign exchange rates, which allows to make more money.

      • Dear Dave,
        ‘Difference in Foreign exchange rates which allows to make more money” is probably the only reason behind having ms from us for a middle class man.

  2. hi, Thank you for your post. I completed my Bsc in computer science. Is der any possibility for me getting MS in computer science at NEU. Do I need to write GRE & TOFEL? please ignore my ignorance

  3. Hi,
    I have done B.E Computer from Pune University ( India ).
    And have 2 years of experience in Software Testing field in MNC.
    I am planning to do MS but confused. I have following queries:-
    1) I want to continue my professional career after MS in Software Testing/ Quality analysis and Security field, so will MS in CS helpful for me?? or is there any other specialization?
    2) will my this 2 yrs experience count while getting job after my MS?
    3) what is job assurance after MS?
    4)Average salary in Software Testing / QA / System security domain in USA?

    Sir I am from Middle class family, so MS is very big decision for me, so required your valuable guidance.
    Need your expertise Sir.
    Waiting for your responce.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. hi im rajitha, i have completed by b tech biotechnology now i want to pursue my masters in CS in US, but i don’t have any basic knowledge in Computer languages or programming (basically i have to start from scratch). i want to go ahead with such a program which doesn’t have complicated programing i can do well with theory. please suggest me simple yet lucrative courses for masters in CS and what courses should i learn in India before going abroad.
    thank you

  5. Hi, You are doing great job by guiding students, i have a stupid query, can i do MS from CANADA,AUS or US after BCA. I have 4 years of experience and working as a software engineer on javascript and angular and as of now i’m preparing for GRE and IELTS.

    Please please guid me.
    Thanks a lot for doing great jobs.

  6. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and communication and now i want to do master in computer science even i am well prepared with basic fundamentals by myself.
    i really wanna know that which university gives me admission?????????

    Please please guid me.
    Thanks a lot for doing great jobs.

  7. where can i get previous ms in cs us university question papers .To understand type of teaching and questions asked. I would be most grateful if you could help me

  8. hello,
    I have completed my BE in Electronics and am planning to pursue MS.I do not wish to continue with hardcore electronics,but do a course which is practically more relevant.I am not a software enthusiast and hence am sceptical about taking CS,but the subjects you have mentioned are very much like the ones I did in electronics engineering and hence it seems I might like CS.Is there a way I can get more clarity regarding these courses?
    Also can you guide me with the difference between computer engineering and computer science?

  9. SIr/Mam,
    I’m an ECE student from hyderabad, so if i want to join in Computer Science Engineering in US, Will I get the Software job in US…?

  10. Usefull post !!!
    please guide me. I have done B.Sc in physics , chemistry and mathematics and it is a three-year degree. US universities ask for four year of education hence i am doin PG diploma course in computer applications. So, can i apply for MS in CS after this?
    would I be able to understand the whole syllabus during MS? Or Which degree will be better for me?

  11. Hello
    I have completed my bachelor degree from Electronics and Communication. And i want to pursue master degree in computer science in US. So please can you tell me what basic course should i have expect c+, java?

  12. Hey..Am doing my engineering in information science. I thought of doing ms in us. So can I do it in computer science

  13. Hey!! thanks for this post. It was really helpful. Could you also help me out with the curriculum in general for ms in electrical engineering, ms in electronics engineering, ms in MIS

  14. Hi.. I am a B. Sc. It graduate and would like to know is it possible to pursue MS in USA in a related field with 15yrs 3 education field?

  15. So??

    What’s wrong that a guy has completed BCA from India and for that he will not get any software engineer job from USA!!!!!!!!!

    Is that all bakwass!!!!!! na?????

  16. what we will do while perusing ms in computer science in canada
    there are 3 diff types available
    thesis based
    course based
    project based
    what is the diff between them

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