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This post was suggested by one of the followers of this blog, Sanjay. So this post will contain all the information regarding Masters in Aerospace Engineering. Students have queries regarding this field. So I answer some of the common queries related to Engineering Management.




What is MS in Aerospace Engineering?

MS in Aerospace Engineering has been developed to equip graduate engineers with the skills required of a highly demanding aerospace industry. This program has been designed for both full-time students and working professionals, and is unique in its emphasis on practical applications and its intimate interaction with the aerospace industry. Several areas of specialization are available for an optimum contribution to the student’s career goals.

What is the Curriculum of Aerospace Engineering?

The Curriculum of Aerospace Engineering  may vary from one University to another, but following curriculum is followed in most of the Universities. This is the Curriculum of Florida Institute of Technology. : –

Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
MAE 5110 Continuum Mechanics
MAE 5120 Aerodynamics of Wings and Bodies
MAE 5130 Viscous Flows
MAE 5140 Experimental Fluid Dynamics
MAE 5150 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAE 5160 Gas Dynamics
MAE 5180 Turbulent Flows
MAE 6130 Experimental Methods in Turbulence
Aerospace Structures and Materials
MAE 5050 Finite Element Fundamentals
MAE 5060 Applications in Finite Element Methods
MAE 5410 Elasticity
MAE 5430 Design of Aerospace Structures
MAE 5460 Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue of Materials
MAE 5470 Principles of Composite Materials
MAE 5480 Structural Dynamics
Combustion and Propulsion
MAE 5130 Viscous Flows
MAE 5150 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAE 5160 Gas Dynamics
MAE 5310 Combustion Fundamentals
MAE 5320 Internal Combustion Engines
MAE 5350 Gas Turbines
MAE 5360 Hypersonic Air-breathing Engines

Apart from this there will be Electives too.

Do I require Experience to join Aerospace Engineering?

No, There is no compulsion regarding Experience for MS in Aerospace Engineering. But if you have an Experience, it will be considered as a real plus.

Do I need to be an Under Graduate in Aerospace Engineering to pursue MS in Aerospace Engineering?

Most of the Universities require Students to have an Under Graduate Degree in Aerospace Engineering or anything that is equivalent to it. But there are some Universities which may admit students from a totally different field too. But you need to take some extra courses apart from your curriculum. You need to check the details regarding this in the University Website. Sometimes the Extra Courses can also increase the time span of completing your Masters. So you need to be aware of that.

What are the Career Opportunities/ Career Paths for MS in Aerospace Engineering?

Many Students have this query regarding what kinds of jobs they will get after they have completed their MS in Aerospace Engineering? Jobs that Students can get are as follows: 
Technical engineer, strategy consultant, manager, technical consultant, software engineer, commercial engineer – and some of our graduates combine a job as a pilot with a job as an engineer. There are many jobs that require a thorough grounding in technology together with excellent Analytical and numerical skills. You can design, manage, organise and advise in these jobs. A large proportion of our graduates take up a management position.

What is the Salary of a Student who has completed MS in Aerospace Engineering?

Generally Aerospace Engineering is ranked second for the Highest Paid Jobs in the US. Check out the Salary of a Student who completes MS in Aerospace Engineering: –        Click Here.

Which Universities Provide MS in Aerospace Engineering and What are their Rankings?

Check the list of Universities that offer MS in Aerospace Engineering along with the Rankings of each of the University: – Click Here.

What are the Application Deadlines for the Universities that offer MS in Aerospace Engineering?

It is better to apply early for any University for MS in Aerospace Engineering. Check the All the Universities deadlines for  MS in Aerospace Engineering : – Click Here.

MS in Aerospace Engineering

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    it is good informative for engineering graduates. Actually, I am B.Tech(Mechanical) and I would like to pursue MS in Aeronautical engineering. Did my qualification is eligible give full information about this in my graduation my score is 72.48%. knowledge in design side like pro-e, cad and solid works etc. I am a fresh graduate 2013 out come.

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    Information about automotive designing


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