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Check out the Visa Interview Experiences of students who will be attending Monmouth University New Jersey in this Fall 2015. The Visa Experiences have been shared by the Students on facebook groups which have been collected and shown in US Graduates Blog. The experiences shared entirely belong to the students.

This is just for the info. Hope the experiences would be useful for you all. Please do share your experiences too in the comment box.

Interview 1:

Visa experience:
VO: Hie
me: Good morning sir
VO: Which school?
me: Monmouth University, New Jersey
VO: What’s your aggregate?
me: 70
VO: Which year pass out?
me: This year
VO: What’s your father?
me: My father is a business man?
VO: What business?
me: xyz
VO: Do you have brothers or sisters?
me: No siblings. I’m single.
VO: Ok, your visa has approved…
me: Thank you sir.

Interview 2:

My visa experience
Date: 02 June
Place: hyderabad
Counter: 14 
Profile: 282/6/72
I reached hyd before 3 days, I enjoyed a lot in hotels and visiting different places and don’t even feel tensed… I always have a thought in mind that y I need to tensed
U reached the consulate by 7 30 but my visa slot timing is 9 but the consulate people make me entered into the embassy by 8 30 I entered and they asked us to wait in the waiting area for 10 min…I was feeling bored instead of tense…There was a guy sitting beside me he asked me bro when did u applied….hey man don’t talk cameras are there the vo make look our conversation and may reject us(with inside smile) then I gone through security checkup and waited at the waiting area after 5 min entered into the line in the counter 14
Vo:gd mrng man
Me: very good mrng sir( already given passport and i20)
Vo:how many applied and admits
Me:applied 4 and admits from 2 univeristy
Vo:what’s your gre score
Me :282
Vo: passed out
Me :2015
Vo: what’s ur ug project
Me: answered
Vo: how many members in ur team
Me: 4
Vo: what’s ur role
Me: front end designer
Vo: what is language used
Me: spontaneously c++
Vo:how many siblings
Me: one elder brother
Vo: what he is doing
Me: he is doing as a sales manager with 6 laksh annual income
Vo: what’s ur father
Me: my father is a business man he exports fruits to other countries and his annual income is 16 lakhs
Me:(thinking the interview is almost complted but the twist started over here)
Vo:what is ur total fee for 2 years
Me: it’s 25 laksh for 2 ýears in Indian rupee
Vo: tell me the truth man
Me: I am telling truth sir it’s 25 lakhs
Vo: man here in i 20 it’s stating 55 laksh
Me: I change the vo mind set by saying s sir including the leaving expenses it costs 55 laksh I forget to mention it and we have savings of 20 laksh and annual income income of 16 laksh soo my father can support my education without any breaks
Vo impressed with my spontaneous answer and through my passport into the bucket and and also through my i20 towards me
Vo: ur visa approved
Me: tq sir
Be confident and be loud mainly be spontaneous when the vo stressing on a particular thing..tq everyone for ur experiences

Image: www.unigo.com

Monmouth University New Jersey F-1 Visa Interview Experiences 2015

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