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Hello Everyone,

Below is the Mock Visa Interview of one of the Followers of the Blog: – Midhun. Check the Answers. Along with Each Question’s Answer, there is an Analysis that has been made for the Answer. Kindly check that.

1. Your GRE, Acads and TOEFL Score: – gre – 289 (141ver + 148 quants)
Ielts (6.5)
Acads – 68% (3 backlogs)

2. Why Your GRE or TOEFL Score or Acads Low: – My gre is low because as I am working for the company in the mean while i took my test so i get less score
coming to my acads as the pattern of exams and labs completely different and new to me so it took some time to adjust to that pattern so i get less acads.

Analysis: – I would suggest you to change the reason for Low GRE score. VO will assume that you did not have much commitment towards GRE as you were working. You can Provide details regarding what happened during the test due to which you lost the Marks. That would be a good way to Answer. Regarding the low Acads, your answer is good.

3. How many Universities you Applied and Which Universities you got an Admit: –  Applied for 4, I got admit for 2
(Youngstown state university)
(Texas a&m Kingsiville)

4. What is Special about the University that you have selected and have you contacted anyone in that University: – I selected university is a state university and the reserch work going  in the college is so intrested so i choose that college
i didn’t contact any one

Analysis: – Firstly you have given the right reasons for selecting the University. You must mention the Professors of the University that you have contacted, as it adds value to your Answer and also makes the VO recognize on how keen and passionate you are in joining this University.

5. What is so special about the Field you have choosen for MS: –  As on my interest I completed my under graduation on the ece and i want to do some research work based on ee so I have chosen my ms in the same field.

Analysis: – Your Answer is good but be a little more elaborate. Also specify subjects that you really loved in your Field. Otherwise it’s good.

6. What are your plans after Graduation: –  After graduation i planed to do my PhD

Analysis: – Be prepared for the Question that VO might ask: – “Why didn’t you directly go for a PhD, if you are interested in research?”

7. What will you do if your student visa is rejected: –   I think it wont reject

Analysis: – Do not directly say that it won’t reject as it gives a bad impression. But You could show some more positiveness by telling “Firstly I think, I gave my best in this Interview and I believe I should not be rejected, But if I am rejected then I will figure out the mistakes that I have made in the Interview and then re-apply.” This will be a much better Answer.

8. Why USA and not any other country: – As compare to all other countries the standard of education is so good and process involved in completing program is good

Analysis: – Well Framed Answer. No Changes Required.

9. Do you have any relatives in US: – Yes there are but they all are my cousins.

Analysis: – Be prepared to answer few questions regarding your Relatives in US.

10. I think you will stay in USA and not come back to India. I think I have to reject you: – After completion of my phd i will come back to india

Analysis: – Well Framed Answer. No Changes Required.

I hope the Analysis helped you. Please feel free to ask queries if you have.

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