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Hello Everyone,

Below is the Mock Visa Interview of one of the Followers of the Blog: – Umesh. Check the Answers. Along with Each Question’s Answer, there is an Analysis that has been made for the Answer. Kindly check that.

1. Your GRE, Acads and TOEFL Score: – 295 (Q-152 ,V-143 ) AWA 2.5 IELTS-6.5 B.TECH-62% ( 10 backlogs )

2. Why Your GRE or TOEFL Score or Acads Low: – During my first 3 semesters of my u.g,I had joined in NCC,As a senior cadet I had to train junior cadets and also had to attend camps unable to balance between NCC & Academics the impact was on my studies,So I gave up NCC and made my mind on studies and cleared all backlogs and scored 75% in my final semester.

Analysis: – Well Framed and a Perfect Answer. No Changes Required.

3. How many Universities you Applied and Which Universities you got an Admit: – 

Southern Illinois university carbondale- Admit
Wichita state University- Admit
Texas A&M kingsville, Indiana state University.

4. What is Special about the University that you have selected and have you contacted anyone in that University: –  MSEE program curriculum in southern Illinois university Carbondale is a rare combination of electrical & computer engineering courses and advanced lab facilities also research is going on embedded systems the faculty are well experienced.So all these factors made me to choose siuc

Analysis: – Firstly you have given the right reasons for selecting the University. You must mention the Professors of the University that you have contacted, as it adds value to your Answer and also makes the VO recognize on how keen and passionate you are in joining this University.

5. What is so special about the Field you have choosen for MS: – electronic’s & communications can make work easy & precise. Technology is relied on electronic’s

Analysis: – It’s a very short Answer. You have not mentioned the reason because of which you have choosen your Field. Work on this Answer a little bit.

6. What are your plans after Graduation: –  Find job back in India and look over my properties.

Analysis: – When you say that you will come back and find job in India, VO knows that why would a Student spend approximately $ 50,000 for Education and come back to work for Rs 40,000 per month. One of the few ways of Answering to the Question can be “After Graduation, I will certainly enjoy and go out with my friends and will try to Work in a US company during my OPT.” OR you can also put it this way “After Graduation I plan to work for few years in a US company to get a Corporate Experience in the US and then plan to come back to India.” This Answer will certainly work.

7. What will you do if your student visa is rejected: – I will re-apply.

Analysis: – You could show some more positiveness by telling “Firstly I think, I gave my best in this Interview and I believe I should not be rejected, But if I am rejected then I will figure out the mistakes that I have made in the Interview and then re-apply.” This will be a much better Answer.

8. Why USA and not any other country: – Ms degree from US has high recognition so I can easily get good job opportunities back in india.

Analysis: – Since you are going for Studies, do not mention anything about job prospects. You can say that “Universities in US are highly ranked and there research facilities are really good than any other Universities in the World.”

9. Do you have any relatives in US: – No

10. I think you will stay in USA and not come back to India. I think I have to reject you: –  no ,I have my commitments family ties, Take care of my family members.

Analysis: – It’s a good Answer. But remember what you said on your plans after Graduation. Both the Answers should be similar. So kindly check that.

I hope the Analysis helped you. Please feel free to ask queries if you have.

Mock Visa Interview 2

4 thoughts on “Mock Visa Interview 2

  • November 23, 2012 at 11:05 am

    After Graduation I plan to work for few years in a US company to get a Corporate Experience in the US
    does this really works

    • November 23, 2012 at 11:10 am

      Yes It will Work and it’s a Straight Forward and a True Answer

      • July 16, 2015 at 1:40 pm

        but sum of my friends said that don’t mention that u r going to work in USA. if they here thiz sound they definetly gona reject the visa……………… iz thz happens

        • July 16, 2015 at 2:25 pm

          You have to say that after MS you will use your OPT and STEM Period to gain experience in your field and will return back to India after the period finishes


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