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Hello Everyone,

Below is the Mock Visa Interview of one of the Followers of the Blog: – Ravi. Check the Answers. Along with Each Question’s Answer, there is an Analysis that has been made for the Answer. Kindly check that.

1. Your GRE, Acads and TOEFL Score: – GRE-295,acads-78%(No backlogs),IELTS-6.5

2. Why Your GRE or TOEFL Score or Acads Low: –  I was suffering from severe fever during my GRE exam and also it was late to cancel my exam. After my exam i feel tensed and i was satisfied with my GRE score as i was suffering from fever. this was only my weak pole.

Analysis: – VO may ask you why didn’t you try again. So be prepared with an Answer for that. Also You can Provide details regarding what happened during the test due to which you lost the Marks. That would be a good way to Answer.

3. How many Universities you Applied and Which Universities you got an Admit: –  I applied for 5 universities
1.univ of oklahoma norman-rejected
2.univ of north texas-rejected
5.univ of dayton-i20

4. What is Special about the University that you have selected and have you contacted anyone in that University: –  UMKC offers a wide range of research on Advanced wireless communication and solar systems and there are many courses which we have a chance to choose based on our interest. and my friend is also studying there and i heard a positive feedback by him about professors research and i also got 8000$ funding from that university.

Analysis: –  Firstly you have given the right reasons for selecting the University. You must mention the Professors of the University that you have contacted, as it adds value to your Answer and also makes the VO recognize on how keen and passionate you are in joining this University.

5. What is so special about the Field you have choosen for MS: –  As I am interested in Advanced wireless communication and solar systems, Because in india in these days due to political issues in different states power cut is more and due to lack of  efficient communication many lives was lost due to accidents. and in india the research on these issues are in early stage. in U.S there is wide range of research going on there particularly in these field

Analysis: – Don’t mention anything related to political issue. Specify the reason because of which you chose this field.

6. What are your plans after Graduation: –   Now in India solar systems and advanced wireless communication are in early stage after two years there are many opportunities in India which i can get job easily after done my research.

Analysis: – VO will ask you why would you leave US and try for a job in India even though the pay is on the lower side in India. So you can state the reason that you have stated for the last question. Kindly remember that both the Answers for this and the last question should be similar.

7. What will you do if your student visa is rejected: –  I have fulfilled all the requirements of us consulate system, moreover i have good academic background  and financial support.I believe that i went be let down…
Even if i couldn’t convince U ..I AM confident enough that i will analyze were i went wrong and apply once again…

Analysis: – Well Framed Answer. No Changes Required.

8. Why USA and not any other country:  I already did my 18 schooling in India why not 2 years in U.S. and U.S offers a wide range of research which i am interested to do research on my field.

Analysis: Good Answer and try adding more points regarding why you are interested in going to US.

9. Do you have any relatives in US: – No

10. I think you will stay in USA and not come back to India. I think I have to reject you: – I am sure that i need only research and cannot expect any job from u.s. moreover we have many assets here and simply i am not interested to settle down. I am not having that idea also.

Analysis: – Well Framed Answer. As I said remember the Answer of this question and the question related to plans after Graduation should be same.

I hope the Analysis helped you. Please feel free to ask queries if you have.

Mock Interview 9

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