MBA Or MS: Which One To Go For?

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I saw this question in one of the Facebook Groups of US Graduates Blog and I thought to provide the answer in detail. The question was put up by Sunnish and he asked “Can you please tell me whether doing MBA with the Average GRE score is preferable?? Or is it better to go for courses like Engineering Management,Technology Mgmt. I have few queries regarding MBA they are: –

Q 1) Can we afford to the MBA course as i heard that the fee for the same is high?

Q 2) Is it preferable to apply for MBA course with the Average GRE score like (290-305)?

Q 3) Please suggest some universities where we can get the MBA admission with the Average GRE score and Average fee.

Q 4) Does doing MBA in Average universities matters or doing MBA in TOP universities is preferable?

Q 5) Can we get admitted to the MBA with 1 year experience?

Q 6) What are the factors they consider in giving scholarships and assistantships?

Answer From Admin: –

A 1) When you are looking for a full time MBA Course in a Good University in USA, the Fees are on the higher side when you compare with the fees for pursuing MS in any field.

A 2) Firstly, you need to know that most of the Universities generally don’t accept GRE Scores if you are applying for MBA. Universities require you to give the GMAT Exam instead of GRE Exam.

A 3) As I have mentioned above that Universities generally require you to give GMAT instead of GRE. So I would suggest you that if you are interested in going for MBA then start your process by giving the GMAT Exam.

A 4) You might be knowing the answer to this question. Pursuing your MBA from a Top University is always better than going for a low or medium ranked University for pursuing your MBA.

A 5) Top Universities require a minimum of 2 years of Experience, but you can apply though. People those who pursue MBA have at least 3+ years of experience. If you are eager to pursue Higher Studies then you can opt for MS in Engineering Management or similar fields which have a curriculum almost similar to an MBA.

A 6) For giving Scholarships and Assistanships, they will look into your entire profile. Your GPA + GRE + TOEFL + SOP + LOR + Resume will be considered before they decide whether to give you Scholarships and Assistanships. If you try for Assistantships after joining the University, then they will look into your first semester scores as well.

To Conclude: –

I would say that if you are passionate to pursue your career in Management and you are eager to pursue higher education and your experience is less than 2 years, then I would suggest you to go for MS in Engineering Management. To know more about this course, please click on this link: MS In Engineering Management.

I hope I was able to clarify your doubts. If anyone has a doubt on this topic, please use the comment box below to ask your doubt.

4 thoughts on “MBA Or MS: Which One To Go For?

  1. Then what is the difference between Ms in Engg Management and a typical MBA ? Also how are the job prospects different?

    • MS in Engineering Management is basically pursued by students who are interested towards MBA. To get into a Business School for MBA you require at least 3+ years experience which many students do not have. So they go for MS in EM which requires no or few months experience.

      Secondly MBA is costly as compared to EM. Students who can’t spend huge money towards MBA can go for MS in EM.

      Finally, MS in EM will be a stepping stone for students interested in pursuing their career solely towards the management side.

      Certainly an MBA degree has a upper edge on MS in EM. But there are lots of job prospects for MS in EM also.

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