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Hello Everyone,

Even though I reviewed Magoosh few days ago, I still got many queries from Students regarding whether they should go for Magoosh or Not. So I thought of reviewing again to give a better picture about Magoosh.

The Review is entirely done by myself as I have purchased their Product and tested it. So Let’s look in detail about what’s Good and What’s Not Good about Magoosh.

Positive Facts: – (Click The Magoosh Banners To Purchase)

Below are the list of things that I really loved about Magoosh.

1. The Video Structure: – As you might be knowing this, they completely follow the Video Structure, which means all the lessons, the Answers to every Questions etc. are all video lectures. This actually gives you a Tuition feel to it. And it’s always better to hear and learn rather than to read the topics.

2. The Lessons Structure: – The way Magoosh has covered every Lesson in Verbal and Quant is great. All the lessons are Video Lectures and the way the Concepts have been explained is really great and easy to Understand. They clear your concepts so well that you will be able to tackle the problems in a totally different fashion and in a more faster way.

3. The Practice Questions: – I had purchased the Premium Package which included both Verbal and Quant. The total Verbal Questions given in this package is 498 and the Total Quant Questions given is 532. Each Question has a Detailed Explanation video of its Answer. So I suppose there are lots of Questions to practice for the GRE.

4. Question Types: – They have various categories of Question Types, from Very Hard to Easy ones. Plus every lesson has a set of questions for it. So solving these Question Types makes your Concepts even stronger thus increasing your chances of a Good Score.

5. Support Available: – When you purchase a pack you will get a 24 hour support to solve your Queries, and I have tried their Support and they do reply to you fast. So this is also a positive point. They have tutors who will clear your doubts regarding any topic that you didn’t Understand.

6. Tools To Analyze Yourself: – There are lots of tools that Analyze your Performance in Magoosh. There is a tool that compares your time taken to solve questions to other Students time. There is a tool which Analyze how much Questions you have Answered Incorrectly and how much Score you will get in GRE.

Comparing With GRE-EDGE: – (Click The Magoosh Banners To Purchase)

I got many Question from Students to compare Magoosh and Greedge. My Advice for Students would be to go for Magoosh as it’s really great in strengthening your Concepts with lots of Practice Questions. The Video Lectures and Video Explanation of Answers to each Questions makes it more interactive way of studying. So I personally feel Magoosh is far better than Greedge.

Negative Facts: – 

Yes there is this one Negative Fact about Magoosh that I would like you all to know.

1. Full Practice Test: – The Full Practice GRE Test that they provide you contains questions that are taken from the set of Practice Questions that are given to you. There are not separate questions for the Full Practice Test. And they do not include AWA in their Practice Test. But otherwise Everything’s Great.

Magoosh Better than Going To Tuition? (Click The Magoosh Banners To Purchase)

The Answer  to the Question varies from one to another Student. Some students would prefer to go to tuition. But my Advice is Purchasing Magoosh is better than going to Tuition. Magoosh just costs you around 5300 Rs while if you go for Tuition the cost would be greater than 10000 Rs. Apart from the Prices as I said above the way Magoosh clears your Concepts is simply great and you will tackle questions in a totally different way after going through all the videos.

Purchase Magoosh From Here: – (Click The Magoosh Banners To Purchase)

You can Purchase Magoosh From This Site too. When you Click on the Magoosh Banner which has been displayed at the end of the post, you will be taken to the Pricing Page from where you can Purchase Magoosh. The Link contains my Referral Code and if there are Discounts available for my Code you can get it. So You can purchase Magoosh by clicking on the below Banner.

2 thoughts on “Magoosh Worth It?

  1. This is one year old post. Again I want to ask same question. What would u say? Greedge facebook page has more likes than magoosh!
    I took trial and found out magoosh interface is eye catching !

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