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Hello Everyone,

Most of the Students might be knowing about Magoosh, but for students who are not aware of Magoosh, it can be simply said as an online tuition for preparing for your GRE Exam. When you search in Google about the reviews for Magoosh, you won’t find many reviews. 

So this post is about how Magoosh software is, whether it’s worth spending your Money. I have purchased the Magoosh Software and analyzed whether it’s worth buying it.

Background On Magoosh: –  

To the students who do not know much about Magoosh, it is an online tuition. There are videos that cover each topic in GRE like Verbal, Quant and AWA. There are videos for each topic that you need to listen. Then there are questions for Verbal and Quant separately. For each question you will find a Video which explains the Solution for the Question.

Topics That Magoosh Covers: –  

For Maths it covers the following Topics: –

  • Arithmetic and Fractions.
  • Percentage and Roots.
  • Powers and Ratios.
  • Algebra, Equations and Inequalities.
  • Coordinate Geometry.
  • Word Problems.
  • Geometry.
  • Integer Properties.
  • Statistics.
  • Counting.
  • Probability.

For Verbal It covers the Following Topics: –

  • Text Completion.
  • Sentence Equivalence.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Issue Task (AWA).
  • Argument Task (AWA).

The Teaching Style: – 

From what I saw, experimenting the Magoosh over a week, the way of teaching is really good. When you go through all the videos that they have for every lesson, your basics will really become very strong. They really make you understand the basic concepts that are needed to crack GRE. Apart from that for Verbal they give lots of useful tips for tackling Sentence Equivalence, Text Completion and RC’s. For Quant too they will make your basics pretty strong so that you can tackle any type of questions.

How many Practice Questions are there?

Magoosh has lots of practice questions. They have divided the questions based on the lessons. So to give you an overall view of how many questions are there in Magoosh: –

  • Quant – 492 Questions.
  • Verbal – 504 Questions.

They have different categories of questions like Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard. So these questions will come in random or you can even choose which category of questions you want to finish.

Is there Full Practice Test in Magoosh?

Yes they have a full practice test, but the problem is they have not included AWA in that. The questions that come in Full Practice Tests are from the Practice Questions itself. So they are no separate questions for the Full Practice Tests. This is where I was little Unhappy with them.

Cost Of Purchasing Magoosh?

If you just want to purchase Quant Section or just Verbal Section then it is $79. Which in Indian Rupees will come up to Rs 4197.

If you want to purchase a combined package of both Verbal and Quant then it is $99. Which in Indian Rupees will come up to Rs 5247.

Final Review Of Magoosh: – 

Finally I would say that Magoosh Software is really good as it clears the entire basics and gives you lots of tips in tackling different problems in GRE. The teaching and solution that they give to each problem is really good. Plus everything is video, which kind of makes studying interesting. You can also ask them any doubt you have regarding any topic. They reply you really fast. The only problem I found was there Full Length Tests are not good enough. They repeat the same questions that you have solved in practice questions.

Rating To Magoosh: – 

I would give a Rating of 8/10 for Magoosh. I have purchased a combined pack of Verbal and Quant and analyzing it. So yes it’s Worth spending your Money.

Want To Purchase Magoosh?

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