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Hello Everyone,

I took an Interview with a Student named Srinivas who had scored 325, 164 in Math and 161 In Verbal. He had used the Magoosh Prep Software. As I have been suggesting Students to purchase Magoosh as it is really a good Prep Material for GRE, I thought I would ask a Student who had used it to get a Good Score.

So here’s the Interview with Srinivas.

Why Did You Go For Magoosh at the First Place?

I was preparing my GRE with Barron’s and ETS Official Guide to Revised GRE, but still I had problems in the Quant Section with respect to certain topics like Normal Distribution, Data Interpretation etc. and with my Verbal Section too in tackling the SE and RC’s.

I had been going through the Magoosh Videos which is on YouTube for sometime, which I really understood it, so I thought of Purchasing it.

First Of All, Is it a Safe In Terms Of Purchasing?

I was worried regarding this at the first place when I was about to purchase it. I was trying to search in Google regarding Magoosh Reviews made by Indian Students, but didn’t get any. Still I went ahead and purchased it because I thought it would be useful for me.

Yes it was safe and there are no issues in terms of Purchasing and using the Materials.

Did You Go for a Free Trial or you Directly Purchased it?

I went for a free trial first, to get an idea about how there materials are. It was really good. They had video lectures with respect to each and every topic in both Quant and Verbal Section and also lots of practice questions. So I decided to buy it.

Can You Elaborate on What all Sections were Included in the Prep?

For Maths it had the following Topics: – (Each Topic had about 10 videos explaining how to tackle the Different Problems)

  • Arithmetic and Fractions.
  • Percentage and Roots.
  • Powers and Ratios.
  • Algebra, Equations and Inequalities.
  • Coordinate Geometry.
  • Word Problems.
  • Geometry.
  • Integer Properties.
  • Statistics.
  • Counting.
  • Probability.

For Verbal It had the Following Topics: – (Each Topic had about 10 videos explaining how to tackle the Different Problems)

  • Text Completion.
  • Sentence Equivalence.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Issue Task (AWA).
  • Argument Task (AWA).

For Which All Sections Video Lectures are there?

Video Lectures are there for each and every lesson stated up here. Videos are also present for each and every question, will explanation of its Answers and ways to solve the Problems. So it’s a complete video prep similar to your coaching Centers.

How Many Practice Questions Were There to Solve?

It had about 1000 Questions with 500 in Verbal and 500 In Quant. So I got lots of Questions to practice. The Questions ranged from Very Easy ones to the Very Hard Ones. It had a mixture of these Question types.

Where there any Full Practice Test for GRE?

Yes there are Full Practice tests for GRE but the Questions were from the same 1000 Questions set. There were no separate questions for Full Length GRE Tests.

Any Help Is Provided if you do not Understand certain Topics?

Yes they provide it. There is a Help button on the left hand side. If I had any problems I would just need to click on the Button and write the Problem down. They would respond to the Problems within 4 to 5 Hours. So yes help was really provided to me.

What were the Other Features that included in Magoosh Prep?

There were charts to analyze how many Question I got Right and how many Wrong. After Answering each Question, it will compare the time taken by me to solve it with the time taken by other Students to solve it etc.

What do you prefer the Students: – Coaching Classes or Magoosh Prep?

It differs from one Student to Another. But I would suggest them to go with Magoosh Prep as it’s like going to Coaching Center. With respect to the money involved, Magoosh costs about Rs 5300 while if you go for Coaching Classes it would cost at least more than Rs 10000. So I prefer Magoosh.

I really thank Srinivas to spend sometime to Answer these Questions.

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All The Best.

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