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When I see any of the Facebook Group related to MS, I see certain Students who have got Low GRE Score and they are little confused whether to retake GRE or not. Some students have a good GPA but their GRE scores are low while some Students have average GPA and GRE Scores are low. What is a Low GRE Score? A Score less than 300 can be considered as a low GRE Score. So I will be discussing regarding this and try to solve the confusion certain students get when they Score Low in GRE.

Should I Retake GRE?

The Answer to this question lies within you.  Are you prepared to put double the efforts again from the beginning to get a Good Score? Will you be able to forget the Low GRE Score that you have got and concentrate completely or Retaking GRE? If your answer to these questions is a Yes then I would say go ahead and Retake your GRE to get a Better Score.

I don’t want to Retake GRE. What are my options now?

If you are not willing to Retake GRE then you need to look into other factors that are seen while examining your Application. All Universities in the US follow a holistic approach while examining your Application.  So let’s look at other factors that might play a role in getting you into a Good University.

  • GPA: – If your GRE Score is low and your GPA is on the higher side then you might have chances in getting a Good University. Your Academics plays a bigger role while your application is under examination. So a High GPA will boost your chances of getting into a Good University.
  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP): – There are many incidents in which students with a low GRE have gotten into some good Universities due to their Excellent SOP. So make sure you prepare your SOP in a good way and also consult your Professors while you prepare your SOP. Check out the Tips For Writing SOP.
  • Letter Of Recommendation (LOR): – LOR plays a major role too in deciding your admit into a University. Try to get a good LOR from your Professors which will really increase your chances in getting into a Good University.
  • TOEFL: – Although TOEFL doesn’t play a bigger role but getting a good TOEFL Score certainly sends out a message to the Universities that you are good in Competitive Examinations even though your GRE was low and you have a good Verbal Skills.
  • ETS Personal Potential Index: – If you have a GRE score on the Lower Side then I would recommend you to create a ETS PPI profile.                                              Check out What is ETS Personal Potential Index.

All these factors can help you get into a Good University even though your GRE is on the Lower Side.

Retaking GRE, then will the University consider an Average of the GRE Scores or the recent GRE Score?

If you are planning to retake GRE then do not worry about this question if it pops up in your mind. Nowadays ETS has given you an option to select which scores to send to the Universities. Check details regarding Select Which GRE Scores To Send to the Universities.

The Final Call: –

The Above Factors can help you in getting into a Good University even though the GRE score is on the lower side, but sometimes Universities have a very strict minimum requirement of GRE score due to which chances of getting might be reduced. So the Final Call would be up to you to decide what decision to make. Yes Retaking GRE certainly involves putting a lot of efforts again but if you succeed in getting a good GRE Score then you have much more chances in getting into a Good Universities. If you are not willing to Retake GRE then your other Factors that I discussed above should be strong. Consider all factors as Pillars, if one of the Pillars is weak then the Other Pillars should be strong enough.

Hope This Topic was able to clear the doubts that you had in your mind.

All The Best.

Low GRE Should I Retake?

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