Low GRE, But F-1 Visa Approved

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Visa Approved With GRE 281!!!!

  • Date: 10th DEC.
  • Time: 9 AM.
  • Consulate: Chennai.
  • Status : approved.
  •  attempt : 1
  • counter no. : 25.

vo :good morning
me :gud mrng sir how r u?

vo :i m good
i passed my pass port,ds-160 form,i-20,score cards which were bound together by rubber band.vo checked it and then

vo :wts ur UG %??
me:72% sir

vo :any backlogs???
me :absolutely no backlogs…..i told wid a louder voice

vo :hmmmm gud…pass me ur marksheets
me :ya sure sir….i passed my memos

vo :which schools did u apply?
me :western Illinois north west Missouri state university,university of Mississippi California state university San Bernardo….

vo :he typed something and asked how r u funding ur education???
me :i have a savings of xx lakhs and i took a bank loan of xx lakhs and i have immovable property worth xx lakhs..
then came the golden words….

vo :k im approving ur visa….u wil get ur passport in 2-3 days
me :thank u sir…have a nice day!!!!

Though my gre is too low i bagged the visa.just be confident,make eye contact and maintain a smile…it really works….now im leaving to north west missouri state university on jan 2nd

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