Low GPA Depression

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Hello Everyone,

This topic has been taken today after I received a mail from one of the Students, who has an ambition to study to study MS in USA. It was a huge mail, but I am specifying the important point that he wrote which was “I am really depressed because I don’t have a good GPA, how will I get into a Good University. My dreams are Shattered I suppose.” The Student is yet to start with GRE preparations.


So that’s why I decided to write an Entire topic related to it, to provide confidence to the Students who fear that their low GPA will shatter their dreams to USA .

Firstly, you need to analyse the Problem without getting into any kind of tension or depression. What is the Problem? The problem is that you are having a low GPA. Does that make you unfit for Higher Studies? The Answer is No. So how to get out of the Problem and achieve your Dream to Study in the USA. Here’s how you can do it. Remember your Aim is to show the University that you are a Good Candidate.

Get A Good GRE Score: –

Yes this is really needed. This is in fact the Starting point of achieving your Dream. You can’t change what is in the past, but you can put all your efforts in the present by getting a Good GRE Score. You should be aiming at Scoring 310 and above, and believe me it’s possible to Score provided you put all your efforts.

Get A Good TOEFL Score: –

This is the second step in achieving your Goal. Get a Good TOEFL Score, at least 100 and above is needed. The reason for getting good scores in these Examinations is to show to the University that you are in fact a Good Candidate and a Low GPA was due to some reasons.

SOP, Deciding Factor: –

Yes, when you start preparing your SOP, remember it will play an important role in deciding whether you get into a Good University or not. Mention why you are passionate to study the field that you have chosen for MS and also mention the reason because of which you got a low GPA which will give a clear picture about you when the University Professors evaluate your Profile. So works on your SOP.

LOR, Additional Deciding Factor: –

I get many Queries that, I didn’t have that great communication with my teacher in Under Graduation. Will he/she give me the LOR? The only way to find it is to ask them directly. Tell them why you are trying to go to US and why you want to pursue Higher Studies. Be frank and tell them clearly about your passion, the Professors in your college will help you out. No need to worry.

So I suppose I gave you a clear structure in what to do when your GPA is low.

Depression Will Result In Failure: –

Depression is not a way to solve a Problem but on the other hand it will increase your Problem. You cannot predict what’s going to happen even before you start the Race. That is even before you have written your GRE, how can you predict that you won’t get into a Good University. So avoid such thinking and concentrate on your Goal to study MS in US, that’s it and work towards overcoming obstacles rather than getting depressed about why the obstacle is there in your path.

“Obstacles are just Barriers towards Your Success, Cross the Obstacle you will find Success.”

Trying Sharing Your Thoughts With People: –

If you cannot get out of the depressed state, try sharing your concerns with your family members and Friends. Sharing always helps to get out of the depressed state of mind. Otherwise you can too share your concerns with me if you want to, so that I can help you.

I hope this post was helpful to the Students who are fearing that having a Low GPA means US Dream has been shattered. Remember this Phrase that I always tell to myself

“It’s Not Over Until I Win.”

All The Best.

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