List Of German Universities For MS in Mechanical Engineering

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Below is the list of Universities for MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany. German Universities are also Ranked among the Top Universities around the World. Germany is one of the Top Countries that Indian Students aim at after the US and UK. Below is the list of Universities for MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany.

Sr.No Universities Program
1 Esslingen University MS in Mechanical Engineering
2 Rwth Aachen MS in Mechanical Engineering
3 Berlin Institute Of Technology MS in Mechanical Engineering
4 Freiberg University MS in Mechanical Engineering
5 University of Wuppertal MS Computational Mechanical Engineering
6 University of Siegen MS Mechtronics
7 Ravensburg Weingarten University International Master’s program in Mechatronics
8 University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt MS Applied Computational Mechanics

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16 thoughts on “List Of German Universities For MS in Mechanical Engineering

  1. Hi
    I am graduate in Automobile Engineering currently working as GAT in volvo Buses india.and i have completed 1 month internship in VST tractors & tiller manufacturing plant. I am gonna finish my term in volvo on 30th july 2014. now i am planning for master degree in automotive technology from german university which are famous for automobile engineering. can you please help me in searching the good universities who offers course of my interest.
    *automobile Engineering
    * power transmission
    *internal combustion
    * vehical dynamics

  2. Hi actually i’m studying b-tech mechanical engineering and i have taken internship in tractor repairing and power systems.and iam going to complete graduation on 2014 june.which one is famous university for mechanical engineering.

  3. Hi,
    I want to take up Masters in Mechanical Engineering concentrated in Machine Design, CAD/CAM in Fall 2014.
    This is my profile : GRE 305 ; TOEFL 94 ; CGPA 7.21/10 ; Currently I have considered applying only to Canada and US. But what are my chances of getting in to a decent university in Germany with this profile?

  4. sir, am a mechanical passout student, I want know abt d universties dat in germanyy dat give scolarship for tution fees .I hav 71.5%in myy btech degree, am an indian ,intrestdd to do a MS

  5. I am Btech Mechanical 2012 passout. I wish to apply for ms in mechanical engineering preferably CAd/Cam , Designing and vehicle stimulation . i want to apply for spring 2014. My ielts score is 8.0 and degree percentage is 73.4.Can u suggest me some good courses and my chances in getting thorugh them?

  6. Sir,
    Right now I am in 4th year and pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, My %age 77.13 (till sixth semester). 10th-89.6%, 12th-87%, 4 interns (1 of 7 months, 2 of 2 months each and another of 1 month). GRE Score-313. TOEFL yet to take. A1 level German. Can i get any decent University in Germany?

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