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I got a query from a student & she stated “I got an admit into Northeastern University. In the students portal I am able to pre-register for courses that I want to. But I am confused whether I should go ahead and register for the courses or should I wait until the Orientation Day. I saw the number of seats available is reducing rapidly. Please help me.” 

Answer From Admin: –

Firstly, no matter which University you got admitted into, there will be an option to pre-register for the courses that you would like to take it in the first semester. You can check it up in your students portal or contact the University itself regarding this option.

Secondly, With respect to whether you have to pre-register for courses or not, I would strongly recommend that you should pre-register for courses only if University has asked you to do so. University would send you a detailed mail if they want you to pre-register for courses. They would also mention the course name that you can pre-register for. So if University has asked you to pre-register for courses then go ahead and do it otherwise do not pre-register for any courses.

Generally, International Students have to attend the Orientation first and meet the student advisers to register for courses. With respect to the availability of seats for the courses, no need to worry as University will ensure that International Students do get the courses that they are willing to take in the first semester.

If University has sent you a mail to pre-register for courses, consult a senior as to which professor you can choose for that course since you will have an option to choose the professor under whom you are planning to study the course. This option is available only if there are multiple professors teaching the same course.

To Conclude: –

Hence I would recommend that until the University sends you a detailed mail to pre-register for courses, DO NOT pre-register for courses on your own.

Is It Necessary To Pre-Register For Courses Before Orientation?

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  • August 3, 2013 at 8:38 am

    Thank you for providing this useful information.

  • September 1, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    I scored 304 in GRE .Quants 156 Verbal 148.Which colleges can I apply for getting MIS ?


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