Is It Necessary To Have Paper Publications When Applying For PhD/MS?

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Hello Everyone,

I saw a question from one of the Students in the Facebook Groups and she stated “Is it compulsory to have paper publications for PhD(When Applying for PhD in the Universities in USA) or paper presentations are fine?” I decided to take this as a topic and discuss in detail with respect to this question so as to clear the doubts which students might have with respect to whether paper publications are important or not when applying for a PhD.

I will be discussing this topic with respect to the common questions that students have in their minds.

Overview on Paper Publications:

Publishing a research paper is an important aspect within the academic community. It allows you to network with other scholars and further develop your ideas and research. Academic journals are probably the most common publication for scholars to publish their research. Find the best academic journal for your topic and writing style so you can learn how to publish a research paper.

Is It Necessary To Have Paper Publications When Applying For PhD?

When you have planned to go for PhD in the US or any other Country, Paper Publications will play a major role for getting an admission into a good University, also including other important factors for your admissions (GPA + GRE + TOEFL + SOP + LOR). If a student has published multiple papers in his/her respective field, it shows that the Student is very much interested in research. This is the key point that you need to convey to the University to which you are applying for PhD.

Paper Publications are not mandatory for applying for University but it’s necessary that you have paper publications, as it will improve your profile and chances for your Admissions.

Is Paper Publications Also Necessary When Applying For MS?

Again, Paper Publications are not mandatory for applying for University. Plus Paper Publications won’t play the same role when you are applying for PhD. If you have paper publications then it will certainly improve your profile.

Will I Get An Admit into PhD If I Do Not Have Any Paper Publications?

It depends. If your Profile is really strong then University can consider you for an admit. But if you are looking to get into the Ivy Leagues then you must have Paper Publications. So the answer to the question cannot be straight-forward. Since your admit depends on multiple factors, if your profile overall is very strong then you will get an admit.

Another Way To Get Into The Best University For PhD Without Paper Publications: 

Here are the steps that you can follow if you are keen to get into the Best Universities for PhD without an Paper Publication.

  • First Apply for MS in your field.
  • Select the Thesis Option for your course. This will increase your exposure towards the research. to know what is an Thesis Option, please click on this link: Difference Between Thesis And Non-Thesis Program.
  • After completing your MS under Thesis Option, you can go ahead and apply for PhD in the Best Universities.

To Conclude: –

When you are planning to go for PhD in the Best Universities in the USA, it is necessary to have Paper Publications under your belt as it will increase your chances of an admit.

5 thoughts on “Is It Necessary To Have Paper Publications When Applying For PhD/MS?

  1. Ques.: I am currently pursuing M.Tech in Control and Industrial Automation Engineering from NIT silchar (2nd sem). I wanted to know whether a MS+phd option is a must or can i opt phd(research only) when i apply for admission?

    thank you.

  2. I completed msc in mathematics with 61% but in bsc i got 43% i have two paper in international journal cn i get an admit from us for my phd ….

    • Since you scored less in your undergrad your profile will be dependent on your GRE general, try to score at least 320+, don’t worry you can compensate your low GPA by your GRE score . Provide me the impact factor of the journal in which your paper has been published. Also tell me your research experience.

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