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Question From Ravi: – 

Hi Shrinivas, I got an query with respect to the Letters Of Recommendation (LOR). When completing my online application, the University provided me with the Template for the LOR. My query is that, whether is it necessary to follow the University Template for the LOR or can we use any template as desired by the Recommender? There is no information regarding this on the University Website. Please help.

Answer From Admin: –

In Simple words the Answer to your question is, You can use any template for your Letters Of Recommendation (LOR). So if your Professors or your Manager has a specific pattern for the LOR, then they can use their pattern. It’s not a compulsion to use the template that has been provided by the University.

How Can You Use The Template Provided by The University?

The template provided by the Universities will differ. Some Universities provide you with the detailed template stating what all needs to be written and what all qualities and experiences of the Applicant must be shared in the LOR. You can use the template to get an idea of what the Universities exactly is expecting in the LOR. So you can mention those points clearly in the LOR. You can share this with your Recommender, the points that University is expecting and request your Recommender to include those points in the LOR.

Sample LOR Template: – 

Here is a sample template that has been provided by the Northeastern University to its applicants. This is a detailed template which states what needs to be included in the LOR by the Recommender. To view this template, please click on the following link: –       Sample LOR Template Of Northeastern University.

I hope this post was useful.

Is It Necessary To Follow The LOR Template Provided by Universities?

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