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Indian Students Association (ISA) is a group of Students who help the Students who arrive in USA for Pursuing their Studies. The Indian Student Association is present in each of the Universities in USA. The ISA generally consist of students who are social minded and what to help other students who arrive to USA for the first time. The ISA will really help you a lot during the Initial days when you arrive in USA.

How to Contact ISA before leaving to US?

As I said above every University in USA will be having an Indian Students Association. You can contact them and get to know some general details regarding the University, Staying, Expenses etc. anything that you want to know before leaving to US. So how can you contact the ISA of your University? The way in which you can contact ISA will differ from one University to Another.

  • Website: – ISA of some Universities have Website especially dedicated for this. You will find all the Information regarding the University, Expenses etc. on their Website. There will also be a Contact Page, which will have the ISA Members Email Addresses or Phone Numbers. So you can contact them using this and clarify any doubt that you have in your mind.
  • Facebook Page: – ISA of some Universities will not have a dedicated website but they will have a Facebook Page dedicated for this. So you can go ahead and like their Facebook Page and get in touch with the members of ISA regarding your Queries that you may be having.
  • Google Groups: – Most of the ISA will either have a Website or a Facebook Page. But some ISA will have a Particular Group in Google Groups. I haven’t seen many ISA having Google Groups but some of them have it. So you can get in touch with ISA members from there and get clarification on the doubts that you may have it.

So these are the three ways in which you can contact the ISA of a particular University.

How does the Indian Students Association (ISA) help you?

As mentioned above the ISA can help you in solving your general Queries that you might be having regarding the University. Apart from that they also help you in many other ways. Some of the Activities that ISA does are: –

  • Organizing Cultural Events in the Universities.
  • Picking up the New Students that Arrive from the Airport.
  • Providing the New Students with temporary Accommodations until the Students find one.
  • Helping the Students by clarifying their queries before the Students arrive in the USA.

So these are some of the activities that ISA does.

Can I be a part of ISA? 

Yes you can be a part of ISA after you started your MS in that University. There is no compulsion to be a member in ISA but if you really like to help the new students and love to carry out certain social activities then you can also join the ISA.

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