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This post will focus on how important Academic Advisor can be when you first join the University for your MS. In all the Universities in the USA, each student will be assigned to a Academic Advisor. Student will be notified about his/her Academic Advisor and University will also provide their contact details, so that you can get in touch with them even before you come to the USA.

Let’s discuss in detail regarding this topic.

Who is an Academic Advisor (AA)?

An Academic Advisor is a student’s principal point of contact for academic issues that impact progress towards the degree. An academic advisor can assist a student with course planning, registration, academic counseling and can assist in several other capacities. An advisor is also able to direct a student to University resources, as well as link him/her to key offices, help the student for getting financial aid and for co-op assistance and more when requesting administrative changes to the educational record.

How can Academic Advisor (AA) help you?

Here are few other points in which you can take help from your Academic Advisor.

  • You can discuss with your Academic Advisor and get waived the pre-requisite courses that University has suggested you to take. Since some pre-requisite courses can increase you time period for MS, it’s better to discuss with your Academic Advisor and get it waived.
  • You can interact with your Academic Advisor to get in terms with the new Educational System. You can get detailed information on what are credit hours, scheduling your classes, Internship credits, independent study credit etc. You can get more details so that you can accustom with this new system.
  • AA can really be helpful when you are choosing your specializations or choosing the electives that you will be taking for your program. Academic Advisor can give you in depth details regarding these courses so that you can make up your mind as to which course to take.
  • AA can connect you with respective faculties so that you can get an general idea on the subject from the faculty itself.
  • AA will also help you with the Internships available for you and will provide you complete guidance as to which Internships you can go for and the Internships which can really be helpful for your future career.
  • AA can also assist you with respect to getting scholarships, financial assistance or helping you with getting you a part-time job so that you can meet your financial needs.
  • AA will give you a complete picture as in how you have to proceed to complete your MS program, What courses to take during each semesters, when to apply for internships and how successfully you can complete the courses that you will be selecting.
  • AA will also be giving you entire details regarding the Exam Structure for each course/subject. How the marks are divided and how you can achieve a good GPA in each course/subject.

There are lots of other things in which you can take the help from your Academic Advisor. It really important that you get in touch with him/her as it’s essential for you because you are moving to an all new Educational System In short, Your academic advisor is an advocate who is interested in your development.

I hope this post was useful.

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Importance Of Academic Adviser

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