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Immunization, sound a little weird in INDIA as we are all immune to all diseases and do not bother much. Scenario in the US is not so and life is valued to a great extent. Please understand the fact that Health Insurance is a mandate in the state of Massachusetts and you will be penalized for not having one. Although many do not take it and have a tough time shelling a few thousand dollars later.

It is highly recommend each one of you to kindly get insured and be safe.

Temperature stats for your information  is as follows –

 Hope this helps you to understand how critical it is to go for Health Insurance. Although, the best insurance is provided by Northeastern University Student Health Insurance Plan, it is pretty expensive. You could find the details on the following website  –

NUSHP (http://www.northeastern.edu/uhcs/nushp/effective%20dates%20and%20cost.html)

Most of us do not wish to spend too much on Health Insurance, as we do not have the habit of investing on health. So NEU has got a waiver form (Hurray……whooooffff) which could be found on your MyNeu portal. Do not worry as you have time once you land here to fill out the waiver form on it.

Incase you miss the deadline –


Please do ensure the Health Report form along with Meningitis waiver is duly filed before you leave INDIA by your physician.

  1. Download the health form and meningtis from this link and get it printed.
  2. Most of you who were born in the metros and major cities would have received most of the vaccines.
  3. Just in case consult your family doctor and ask him.
  4. If so, tell him to mention the dates and take his signature with his rubber stamp clearly mentioning his registration number on it.
  5. Else, go to a pediatrician and ask him to fill the form for you.
  6. US Gov / NEU is just bothered about your health and does not want you to be immune to any disease.
  7. It is not a big fuzz, do not worry.
  8. Once your done send the scanned form duly filled back to the university if the deadline is mentioned
  9. MASS govt. requires every individual to have insurance as a part of their health regulatory system

Following are the pros and cons of having INDIAN health insurance and US health insurance – 

  • Cost is less for INDIAN as compared to US
  • Coverage is more for US as compared to INDIAN
  • Claims for US are easy as compared to INDIAN
  • Deductions are less with INDIAN as compared to US

US Health Insurance Provider

  1. HTH (http://www.hthstudents.com/insurance.cfm)
  2. Compass Student Health Insurance (https://www.compassstudenthealthinsurance.com/university/northeastern_university_insurance.php)
  3. ISOA (http://www.isoa.org/)

INDIAN Health Insurance Provider

  1. ICICI Lombard
  2. Bajaj Allianz

Good Luck!!

image: southsideschools.org

Immunizations And Health Insurance Before Coming to USA: NEU Boston

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