How To Write The Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

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Hi Everyone,

Today’s topic I hope is the most important one for those who are aiming at going to US or any other country by 2013. The SOP stands for Statement Of Purpose. To put it in simple words you have to write like an essay why you are interested in doing your MS. Let’s discuss some point’s briefly about what you need to write in an SOP.

1. Structure Of SOP: – Firstly, you need to understand what universities expect in your SOP. The expect the answers of the following questions: –

  • Why are you willing to study in that University?
  • Why do you want to study the course you are opting for?
  • Do you have any experience in that field before applying?
  • What are your plans after you get the degree from that University?

That pretty much sums up the Question’s Answers they are expecting in your SOP. So you need to know that you must answer all these questions in your SOP in a well defined fashion. My suggestion expressing your views directly rather than being creative or being flashy while writing the SOP.

2. Avoid Mistakes: – Secondly, Try to avoid the paragraphs that state how good you are in activities like say you are good at cooking or playing football etc. Universities are not interested in these points at all. Graduate Schools normally look for students who will be able to handle the coursework for a particular field, which they are applying for. Sometimes you may be required to teach the undergraduates some lessons. You need to get along with diverse set of people. So any experience that states these activities is worth placing it in your SOP. The Graduate schools will love It.

3. Try to be Unique: – Thirdly, being direct is one thing but your essay need not be boring. You can talk about the ideas you have with respect to the field you are applying for which indirectly states to the Graduate Schools how interesting and motivated you are to pursue your further studies. So write something about that too. It will make your essay look good.

4. Review: –  Finally show your SOP to someone you have a high respect for which can be your teacher or any Professor who is experienced in writing the SOP. Also allow them to proof read your essays for any grammatical errors that might be there, So that your SOP will be ready for perusal.

To Conclude, I know most of the students tend to write the SOP from a councilor, but this points where just to make you understand when your SOP is ready kindly check whether these points have been included or not. Some students because of there good presentation of there SOP have got into good universities even though there marks were little less.

All The Best Guys.

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