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Today’s post is all about the New Educational System that you will confront when you join the University and start your first semester. This post will provide you all the key points that you have to keep in mind before enrolling into courses for your first semester in MS, no matter which field you belong to. In USA, Course refers to a subject. For Example: Database Design is a Course in MS in CS. Let’s discuss in detail regarding this topic to get an complete overview.

Difference between Indian and US Educational System

If you are from India, you might already be aware of the Educational System. Every Semester consist of a fixed set of subjects that everyone in the class must take it. There is no option to choose which subjects to take in the first semester. The Educational System is rigid and you have to take the subjects that are decided by the University for each semester.

In USA the Educational System is entirely different. You are allowed to choose any number of subjects/courses for your first semester. There is no rigid rule that you must choose certain subjects first. You can select the subjects/courses the way you like. So below, I will be providing you important details regarding how to select your subjects/courses in your first semester.

I have written in detail regarding difference between these two Systems. Kindly check this link: – Educational System is Better in India or USA?

Tips for Enrolling Into Courses in 1st Semester

I again would like you to know that a Course refers to a Subject in USA. Below are some important tips to keep in mind while enrolling into courses for your first semester.

1) Enroll For Three Courses in First Semester

Many Students have an urge to complete MS as fast as possible. Hence they select more courses in the first semester. This could end up in a lot of mess, since you are new to the Educational System of USA. There are students who take more courses in 1st semester, but it’s advisable that you choose 3 courses in 1st semester to get a feel of the new Educational System. I have written about this in detail before. Kindly check this link to get more information on this. Taking Three Courses/Subjects is ideal for the First Semester.

2) Complete Pre-requisite Courses in 1st Semester

If you are one of the Students who have been given a set of pre-requisite courses to complete by the University, then I would advise you to finish these pre-requisite courses in the 1st semester. There are Universities which compel you to complete pre-requisite courses first, but even if they don’t compel you, you finish these courses first. If you are not aware on what are these Pre-requisite courses, then please click on this link to get more information on this. Complete details on What are Pre-Requisite Courses.

3) Try to take Easy Courses in 1st Semester.

Here, Easy Courses refer to Courses in which you have a good knowledge and you are certain that you can complete these courses easily. Students generally commit mistakes during the courses selection for the 1st semester. Due to lack of proper guidance they select tough courses and ends up with bad grades in the first semester which may also lead to lots of stress and may even lead to cancellation of your funding/scholarships. So the first thing before selecting the courses is to take proper guidance, which will be the next point.

4) Take Help From Seniors.

Seniors are the best people you have to get in touch with respect to course selection. They can properly guide you as to which courses you can choose in the 1st semester so that you don’t end up getting bad grades and unnecessary stress. They are the best advisors who can properly guide you. Always remember that you have entered into a new Educational System and never hesitate to ask someone if you have any doubts regarding anything.

5) Take Help From Academic Advisors.

Every Student will be given an Academic Advisor who will help you in lots of things when you arrive to that University. Academic Advisors can also assist you in selecting the courses during the 1st semester. Get in touch with them even before you leave to the US or you can get in touch with them immediately after you arrive at the University. To meet them personally, you have to take an appointment first. I have written in detail as to how Academic Advisors can help you. Click on this link to get more details regarding this. Importance of Academic Adviser.

6) Complete Core Courses First.

There may be subjects/courses which are apart from your Core Program. Students are allowed to take out of department courses, if they are interested. For Example: A Mechanical Engineering students might take one or two CS Courses. It is a good idea to complete the Core Subjects first. The reason is because it can help you get an good internship. Since you are familiar with core subjects/courses, you have a good chance of getting a good grade; thereby you can apply for funding if you have not received in 1st semester.

Generally the Number of Out of Department Courses that you can take is 2. For example if your entire MS program consists of 12 courses, then you may take 2 out of department courses.

To Conclude: –

I would advise students to keep these points in their mind when they select the Courses for their 1st Semester. If you have any query, don’t hesitate to ask someone and clear it.

All The Best.

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How to Enroll Into Courses In First Semester: – MS In US

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