How important are TOEFL scores To Get An RA/TA

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I read a Question in Facebook from Alagiavanan stating “How important are TOEFL scores to get an RA/TA… Which sections of TOEFL are given high importance when making out a decision for the grant of RA/TA…?” So I thought to focus on this Question as many Students have it in their minds. So let’s discuss this in detail and I will clear some common faqs related to this topic that I received from the Students via email.

Before Starting I would like to clarify the two Posts: TA stands for Teaching Assistant and RA stands for Research Assistant.

Does TOEFL Scores Really Matter when Applying For TA/RA Post?

Yes. TOEFL Scores really matter the most when it comes to applying for TA/RA Post in the University for your Fundings. A High TOEFL Score will certainly raise your chances in getting the TA/RA Post. Apart from TOEFL Scores your GPA in a Particular Subject Will also play a important role in this. For Example: – If your Scores in Under Graduation is high in Databases, then you have a Good Chance in getting a TA Post in the Subject of Databases.

What Is The Ideal TOEFL Score  For Applying To TA/RA Posts in the Universities?

The Ideal TOEFL Scores needed for applying for RA/TA Posts will vary from one University to another. The Ideal Score would be 100 with 25 in each Section. But you need to check the University website regarding the TOEFL Scores they require for applying for the Post of TA/RA.

Which Section In TOEFL Exam matters the most when applying for TA/RA Post?

All Sections are Important. But when you are applying for TA/RA Posts, the most Important Section that will be looked at is the Speaking Section. The Score in Speaking Section will have more Weightage than the Scores of other Sections. So you need to have a good Score in your Speaking Section.

Some Universities Ask Students to give the TSE Exams apart from the TOEFL to apply for TA/RA Posts. Is it True?

Yes. Many Universities Require Students to give Test of Spoken English (TSE) Exam apart from your TOEFL Exam to apply for the TA/RA Posts. It will be a good idea to check the University Website with respect to whether they require Students to give the TSE Exam for applying for TA/RA Posts. To know more about the TSE Exams check this post by clicking the Link: – Is TSE Essential For Getting a TA/RA Job?

Will There Be Any Interview For Shortlisting Students For The Post Of RA/TA?

Yes there will be an Interview which will be conducted by the University after going through your TOEFL Scores and Your GPA. This Interview will enable the Universities to decide whether the Student can be fit for the TA/RA Post.

Will There Be a Lot of Competition for the Post of TA/RA?

It Depends on the University you get into. The University which has a large Number of International Students population will certainly have a lot of Competition when applying for these Posts. But if you have a Good Score in your TOEFL and/or TSE Exam, if University asks you to give, then you can certainly get this Post.

What is the General Pay for TA/RA?

The Pay will differ from one University to another. You can get paid in between $550  to $1200 depending on the University. Your pay will also directly depend on the Working Hours that you are offered by the University. For Example: – If it says 0.5 FTE it means you work 20 hours. Sometimes it will 0.25 FTE and it will be only 10 hrs. Here FTE Stands for Full Time Employment.

I Hope this Cleared your Queries. If you have any other Queries related to this topic then please use the Comment Box below.

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  1. How long does it usually take to actually start working as a TA? – I mean if I am pursuing MS without thesis, then would I be able to get the post from the first semester itself? I believe it depends on my profile but I want to know the time it takes to get the post of TA for an average profile

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