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Health Insurance

Getting sick in the United States at your own expense might burn your pocket. And hence, having an insurance becomes more than a necessity. In this document I shall be discussing briefly on how to narrow down on purchasing your health insurance. Health Insurance is mandatory in the  state of Massachusetts. If you are going to another state in USA as well, it good to read this post as Health Insurance is mandatory in almost all states.

University Health Insurance:

All Universities in USA will have their own personal health insurance, which you can opt for. You can get details about your University health insurance in the University website. The University will also be mailing you the details about the health insurance they provide. It’s optional and you have the right to waive it. In Order to waive off this insurance you need to take up an private insurance.

Private Insurance Providers in United States:

This comes second in the hierarchy only to the NUSHP. At the same time we also believe that this is the most sorted option among Indian students. There are various providers though ISOA and CompassHealth are some of the few prominent choices. However for the ease of your choice please see the following links –

Private Insurance Providers in India:

Third and the last option left for you is Insurance provided by Indian Providers with third party agreement in United States. Although this is the most economical health insurance that you may find but it is believed that there is still a certain degree of hassle involved with it during the claim process. Following are a few to state –

Pros & Cons:

University Insurance

  • + Claims are very easy
  • + Zero or very less upfront payment
  • + Simple to register
  • + Billed with Northeastern Account
  • + Coverage everywhere in US
  • + As per university and Massachusetts Health Care Reform
  • + Accepted everywhere
  • + Primary care doctor allotted
  • – Expensive
  • – No modifications to the plan
  • – Less slabs of deductible

Private US Insurance Providers:

  • + Less Expensive with regards to University Insurance
  • + Coverage almost on par with University Insurance
  • + Customizable
  • + Various slabs of deductible (zero, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $1500, $2000)
  • + Claims will be on par and better than Indian Insurance Providers
  • + Almost accepted everywhere
  • + No primary care doctor is required
  • – More expensive than Indian Insurance Providers
  • – May or may not be on par with University Insurance
  • – Coverage may not be everywhere
  • – Deductible paid may be more than Indian Insurance Providers

Indian Insurance Providers:

  • + Least Expensive amongst the lot
  • + Coverage on par with Private US Insurance Providers
  • + Low Deductable slabs available
  • + Available right from home country
  • + Can be clubbed with Travel Insurance
  • – Claims may take longer than US Insurance providers
  • – May be upfront payment will be required towards hospitalization
  • – May be accepted only by major Hospitals and Institutions
  • – May require a primary doctor reference for any health issue
Health Insurance: University Vs Private US Vs Private Indian: Pros and Cons

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