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Handling Baggages

Travelling to USA for your Higher Studies certainly brings out mixed emotions. For most of the students it will be the first international travel alone to another country. So I decided that I would share important information with respect to handling your Baggages while travelling. I would also share some important things that you keep in mind when it comes to your Baggages. Below I will be sharing some important points with respect to your Baggages.

1) Purchasing Your Suitcases: –

The First thing that you will be doing for travelling to USA will be purchasing the Suitcases. I have written in detail about things to consider while purchasing the suitcases before, Kindly check this link to get more information regarding the same.

2) Find Out About Maximum Allowances By The Airlines: –

Before booking your Flight, check out the Maximum Allowances that is provided by the Airline. Some Airlines allow you to carry one Check In Baggage and one Hand Baggage & one Laptop Bag. Some others only allow one Check-In and Hand Baggage and you need to place your laptop inside the Hand Baggage. For Students, Airlines allow 2 or 3 Check-In Baggages and 1 Hand Baggage. Some Airlines allow you to carry a Laptop Bag while some do not. So kindly check these things before Booking.  Check out the Following Links with respect to this point.

3) TSA Locks For Your Baggages: –

If you are going to USA then you have to lock your Check-In Baggages with TSA Locks only. Otherwise you can end up in some trouble. I had written about why you have to go for TSA Locks few months ago. Kindly check this link to get more Information on this.

4) Hand Baggage Should Be Your Reserve Baggage: –

Always have a set of clothes and toiletry items in your Hand Baggage. It’s important because if your Check-In Baggages don’t arrive due to some reasons, then you should have some clothes in hand for few days. Hence it’s always advisable that you have a set of clothes and toiletry items in your Hand Baggage.

5) Unique Identification Numbers For Your Check-In Baggages: –

When you are checking in your Baggages at the Counter in India, you will get the Unique Identification Number for each of the Suitcase that you have checked in. The people at the Counter will normally stick this Unique Number onto the back of your Boarding Pass. Make sure you have got the Unique Numbers for all the Suitcases that you have checked in. This is a proof that you have checked in the Baggages.

6) Baggage Identification: –

Make sure you stick something on the Suitcases that you will check-in by which you can easily identify your Baggage. The reason this is important is because there will be lots of Baggages of similar size and colour and it will become difficult for you to search your suitcase if you have not made some identification mark. You will face this problem while collecting your Baggages from the conveyer belt in USA.

7) Tag Your Hand Baggages: –

After you are done with your Check-In Baggages, you need to tag your Hand Baggages. This tag will be provided when you will be collecting your Boarding Pass. In this tag you will be asked to write your name and address. Make sure you collect this tag when you are collecting your Boarding Pass as you will not be allowed for security check if your hand Baggages is not tagged.

8) Stamping Done On The Tags At Security Check: –

When you are going for your Security Check, your Hand Baggages will be screened. After Screening the security officials will stamp on the tags of your Hand Baggage. Make Sure the Security Official has stamped on the tag. Because the stamping on the tag is checked before you board the Plane, so if the stamping is not done then you have to go back to the Security Check. So ensure stamping is done on the tags.

9) Double Check If It’s Your Baggage: –

When you collect your Baggage from the Conveyer in USA make sure it’s your Suitcase. You can do this by checking the Unique Number that the Airlines have sticked into your Baggage with the Unique Number that you received at the counter in India.

To Conclude: –

I know that Students would have mixed emotions when they travel alone to USA but you have to make sure that you remember the above things when it comes to Baggages to avoid any kind of trouble during your First International Travel To USA.

Handling Your Baggages While Traveling To USA

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