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Students might be knowing about GRE Subject Test, But I will be discussing this in detail to remove any doubts that you might be having regarding this. I will be covering some of the common questions you might be having against GRE Subjects Tests below. Let’s Discuss this in detail.

What is GRE Subject Tests?

GRE Subject Tests are different from your General GRE Examination that students give. GRE Subject Tests measure your knowledge of a particular field of study. It is similar to GATE Exam that happens in India which totally checks the students technical knowledge in a particular field. That means all questions will be technical and will cover subjects that you have studied in your Under Graduation.

What all Disciplines are Covered in GRE Subject Tests?

There are total of 8 disciplines that are covered in GRE Subject Tests which are listed below. Click on the subjects to know the syllabus for the Test.

When does this Exam Take Place?

This exams take place three times in an year worldwide. It is not like GRE which takes place throughout the year. The months in which GRE Subject Tests takes place are: –

  • October.
  • November.
  • April.

Is this test Computer-Based or Paper-Based?

GRE Subject Tests are paper based tests, ETS has still not converted them into a computer based tests.

Who all Accepts this Tests?

GRE Subject Tests are accepted by many of the Universities around the World. The Admission Committee of any University will give you certain points for writing GRE Subjects Tests which indirectly increases your chances of getting into the Good Universities.

Is GRE Subject Tests Compulsory to give?  

GRE Subject Tests are not compulsory to give. Most of the students nowadays don’t give these tests. But if you are really interested in showing the University how good you are in your field then you can go ahead and give it. It certainly adds value and increases your chances of getting into a Good University.

Will GRE Subject Tests add value to your Application?

Yes GRE Subject Tests adds value to your application and increases your chances in getting into a Good University. Yesterday one of the students asked me that will GRE Subject Tests cover up his low GPA? The answer is it will to some extent but your GPA will also be seen. GRE Subject Tests will show the University how good you are in your field which increases the chances of getting a Good University.

The Final Call: –¬†

The decision to whether to write GRE Subject Tests is entirely up to you. There is no compulsion in writing this tests. If you have a good GRE, GPA, SOP and LOR then that is sufficient in getting you a Good University. But giving GRE Subject Tests increases your chances.

All The Best.

GRE Subject Tests

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