GRE Exam Registration Problem: Multiple First And Last Names In Passport

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If you are one of those students who will be giving their GRE Exam and have Multiple (Two) First or Last names in their passport then you must read this post. Here’s a question I got from a student. “Sir I have a problem with my passport. My surname is blank and I have registered for IELTS with the same passport as a proof and I want to register for GRE.

The application is not taking the space provided between the name ex: Mohammed Mubeen Raoof. Sir Raoof is my father name could it be a surname. Reply soon I am in a big trouble because I have booked the slot for IELTS with same passport.

What does Multiple First and Last Name In Passport Mean?

If you are unclear as to what does Multiple First and Last Name means, here’s an example below.

First Name Arun Kumar

Last Name: Ravindran Iyer

I guess you might have understood what multiple first and last names mean now. Here Arun Kumar is an example of Multiple first name as it contains two words, Arun and Kumar. Same goes for the last name as well in this example.

What problem will I face when I register for GRE Exam?

In short, ETS doesn’t allow you to add multiple first and last names while registering for GRE Exam. You won’t be allow to enter a space in your First and Last name. This certainly creates a panic among students as they get afraid as to how they could include their entire name. Some students might think to include only the first part of your First name or Last name like Arun as First name and Ravindran as Last name. If you do something like this, you would be in a serious trouble when you go for your GRE Exam as your name won’t match with that in your passport.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is also simple, enter your name as it is without spaces. That’s all you need to do.

First Name: ArunKumar

Last Name: RavindranIyer

That’s how you need to mention while registering for your GRE Exam. Enter your full name as it is without spaces as shown in the example above. It’s totally fine. Even ETS has officially specified to do this. Here’s the official ETS reply to this problem.


For the student who asked the question, you must write your name as follows;

First Name: MohammedMubeenRaoof


I hope this post was useful and provided you with the solution for this problem.

2 thoughts on “GRE Exam Registration Problem: Multiple First And Last Names In Passport

  1. Thank you for writing this post. It helped me during the GRE registration. However, I have a question. According to my passport, my first name is XXX and Surname is YYY. But the final registration ticket of GRE shows my name as YYY, XXX. Is it alright?

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