Going To Low Ranked Universities For MS

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Hello Everyone,

I got a Question from Ramnath, who is a Regular Follower of this Blog, Stating “Is it worth going to low ranked Universities for MS?” So I thought of creating a topic altogether and shedding some light on this question which many students have in their mind. I will be discussing about some more questions related to this topic. So let’s discuss it.


What Is a Low Ranked University?

It’s a Really Good Point that Rohan has brought up. What is a Low Ranked University and how Universities are Ranked as High and Low?. A University is Ranked Every Year by taking in or considering various parameters like University Facilities, Academic Reputation of the University, Faculty Resources, Financial Resources etc. and then  a list is prepared. So a Low Ranked University simply means that the parameters considered above are not up to the mark, thus Ranking of the University goes down making it a Low Ranked University.

Is it Worth Spending Money for a Low Ranked University?

I would say No. The reason is because with the Dollar Value on a constant increase, the total cost for studying in the US has gone up like anything in the past one year. So if you are willing to spend that much amount of money then you should be making a full attempt in getting into a Good or an Average University in the US. Many Students choose to go to Low Universities because they have a Low GRE Score or a Low TOEFL Score. I would say giving the GRE?TOEFL Exam will be a much better option by which you will raise your chances of getting into the Good Universities in the US rather than accepting the Low Ranked Universities.

Will I face problems during F-1 Visa Interview if I have selected to go for Low Ranked Universities?

Yes. There will be certain issues that you will be facing in the F-1 Visa Interview if you have selected a low Ranked University. But that does not mean that you will be rejected for choosing a low Ranked University. If you can convince or state valid points because of which you have choosen this University then there will be no issue and you will clear your F-1 Visa Interview.

Getting A Job in US, if I go for a Low Ranked University?

Well this will depend. If you do your MS in a Good Ranked University, the chances of getting a Job in the same field in which you have done your MS is high and which is really a good way to start your career. But if you go for a very Low Ranked University, then too you may get a Job but not of your field. The Jobs can be like Consulting, or any other field. The chances of getting a Job in the same field in which you have done your MS is very low. But there are always some Students who get it. So it depends upon the time when you complete your MS and the how the Job Market is.

What’s your Aim: – Going to US or Going for Higher Studies in the Best University?

Some Students, I have seen that they just want to go to US no matter which University. This ideology is really wrong and it can lead you to problems when you start Studying for your MS. You have to go to US if you are really interested in gaining the best Knowledge in your Field and getting the Best Job. The Chances of gaining the best Knowledge and getting the Best Job is high if you go for a Good Ranked University.

Final Call: – 

My Final Call would be that I would not be going for a Low Ranked University. Rather I will be trying how to get into a Good University. Because with such an amount of money that you and your Parents will be spending, it’s good if you spend it in a Good Ranked University rather than Low Ranked University.

So what do you think regarding “Going To Low Ranked Universities For MS ?

32 thoughts on “Going To Low Ranked Universities For MS

  1. Hi there ! I appreciate your effort in bringing it up for the ones who are facing dilemma in university selection. However, I do feel that some modification of the post is essential in order to get a more clearer picture. Here’s a suggestion from my end, maybe you should provide a definition as in what actually a LOW ranked university means, I mean in what context a university is considered LOW or HIGH ?? See to it if you find a suitable answer to my question.

      • hi shri …. I just wanna ask i obtained 2.03/4 cgpa in my B.Sc Civil Engineering. Kindly tell me in which universities should i apply for MS ?? are they gonna accept me?

  2. Can you please tell me about these universities for MS in Mechanical
    1.Michigan Tech
    3.Clemson Univ
    4.Univ of Florida
    5.University of Cincinnati
    What more would u suggest for gre-306(Q-256,V-250)toefl-106
    BE-65.3% Pune University

  3. hi, can u plzz let me know if my university selection is ok! I’m planning to apply for the fall 2013 in the US for MS in computer science
    GRE : 300 ( q-156 v-144) awa : 3
    toefl: expecting 90 +
    ug: 6.85 /10 (cgpa) anna university,chennai
    10th: 81 % ; 12th : 90 %
    universities planning for:
    1) illinois institute of tech,chicago
    2) rochester institute, newyork
    3) suny, bringhampton
    4) IUPUI : Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
    5) university of akron,ohio
    6) university of michigen,Dearborn
    7) chicago state university
    8) southern illinois, edwardsvile
    9) southern illinois,carbondale
    10)northwest missouri state univ
    11) missouri univ s& t, rolla
    Can u plzz tell me which is safe, moderate and ambitious and also which university to add to this list. thanks in advance!! :)

    • RIT will be an Ambitious one. Rest of the Universities is complete fine. Try applying to SJSU and NYU too. They too will be a Moderate ones, but both are good Universities

  4. Hi Shrinivas Raghav,

    could you pls tell me which is the cutoff say, its not worth applying to universities below 120th rank like that.

    i’m too confused with the word “Low ranked university”.

    my GRE score is 300 (v:144/q:156/A:3.0)
    non cs background with 2 years experience in IT
    applying for ms in cs for below universities

    Indiana University at Bloomington
    University of Illinois
    University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    University of North Carolina-Charlotte
    University of Texas – Arlington
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    San Jose State University
    university of Alabama – Huntsville.

    • In simple words always aim for Top 100 Universities in your Field… These should be the best Universities to go for your MS… If your don’t get into top 100 then you can try for Universities which are ranked below… Try to get into Top 200 Universities….
      UT Arlington is Ranked Below… Try to get in SJSU, it’s one of the best Universities in the Silicon Valley and has a Good placement Record

  5. Hi!! I am applying for masters in IE for fall 2014. Suppose if I get a very good scholarship from say RIT and an admit from say NCSU or Georgia Tech with no funding which one should I choose?. I have applied for all of the 3 universities along with others.

  6. My gre score is 308 and toefl is 99. Are the following universities low ones as mentioned in your article or are they worth doing Ms in Industrial Engineering.
    Uni of Southern California
    NYU Poly
    SUNY Buffalo
    Uni of florida
    Rutgers uni
    Thanks in advance. Really helpful article.

  7. Hi there, i completed my bsc in electrical engineering with 62% marks. My gre score is 310. Which universities do u suggest me?

  8. hi I am msc in biotechnology with 62.5%. please suggest some universities for me to get PhD.
    in following subjects
    molecular biology
    cell and molecular biology

  9. Hi my GRE score is 296,TOEFL yet to give cgpa 6.75 and 3+years work exp in top mnc.i am planning to do ms in mis/engineering management/industrial engineering in spring 2016

    1)CSU east bay
    2)george mason University
    3)marshal University
    4)university of new havens
    5)Oklahoma state University
    6)auburn university

    Pls suggest me the good universities(financial aid + part time jobs+placements) and let me know any other good universities

  10. GRE 288
    Toefl 84
    GPA 2.44
    Experience of 2 years as a Resident Medical Doctor
    MBBS from Russia
    Can you please suggest some universities with these scores for MPH.

  11. hey could you evaluate my profile please
    gre-307 158q/149v
    toefl score yet to come expecting 85-95
    cgpa 5.96/10 BE mechanical ( 23 backlogs/62 repetitions but completed it in 4 years)
    college of engineering,guindy,anna university ,chennai.
    3 paper publications in international journals of applied engineering research
    2 in-plant trainings at kone elevators and apollo tyres
    i wanted to do my ms in industrial engineering
    this is my shortlist:
    suny buffalo
    rochester institue
    wayne state
    kansas state
    plss tell me if my backlogs would affect my chances ?

  12. Quants- 163
    Verbal- 150
    Total – 313
    Toefl yet to give.
    CGPA 6.83/10
    Two Internships from major product companies
    1.5 years of work experience(Software Developer ) while studying UG.
    Microsoft Student Partner
    One research Project .
    Will have 1 year full time experience in a product company when joining.

    What are my chances for UTD,ASU,Stony Brook?
    What universities are safe,moderate and ambitious for my profile.

    Thanks in Advance

  13. ,
    My gre score is 286 and ielts 6. which following universities should I apply for Ms in Industrial Engineering applying for fall 2016.
    Uni of South florida
    north Illinois university
    florida institute of technology
    univ of texas at Arlington
    pls suggest me

  14. GRE: 301 TOEFL: 91 CGPA: 5.67/10 College: SRCOEM(Naac ‘a’ grade accreditation college)

    Is it worth to do MS from these universities:
    wayne state
    umass darmouth
    university of Illinois springfield.
    western kentucky
    CSU eastbay
    wright state university etc
    please guide me should I apply to these universities or apply after some job experience. I am too late to give GRE again and I doubt if I can score more than this. so what should i do?

  15. My profile
    academics: 54 aggr with 14 backlog s(entc) Pune university
    GRE: 312
    TOEFL 92
    2 research papers published
    Im good at programming & won some coding competition s in college. I published website freetests4u.com. I had one year gap. can I get admission in top 100 universities for cs.

  16. Hello, Please help me with following. Here is my profile
    GRE: 315
    IELTS 6.5 CGPA 6.8/10 But I got many rejects and the only admit from University of Texas at Arlington for Masters of Construction management. Should I go or not as it is a low ranked university? Total investment is around 21 lacs.

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