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I always wanted to enlighten students regarding the topic of Low Ranked Universities. This topic has been in discussion for past many years and many people give their own views on this topic. After being in the United States for 2 years, I know about this topic very well and I wish to share some information with you all. I hope this post will be useful to you all and kindly read the entire post to gain knowledge on this topic.

What is a Low Ranked University?

To begin with,  which Universities can be termed as a low ranked universities? Every year an official organization rates Universities on different parameters and provide a ranking to them. If the University is low ranked it simply means that its facilities, professors, environment, number of students studying are not that great. These Universities are termed to be low ranked universities.

What’s the Advantage of going for Low Ranked Universities?

Only one, you need to pay less tuition fees. Some Universities also give you part time jobs, sponsorships etc along with the admit. That’s the only advantage of it. No other advantage for going towards a low ranked University.

What’s the Disadvantage of going for Low Ranked Universities?

So I would like to mention the disadvantages in points:

1) F-1 Visa Problem:

Generally it gets hard to get an F-1 Visa if your University is ranked  very low. Visa Officers consider you to be a potential immigrant and they usually reject your visa

2) Education Level:

Generally good universities always try to make each course in your program as best as possible. The professors always want you to gain the best and up to date knowledge on these courses. Low Ranked University will generally wont have a good educational structure for their courses. They wont be having the best professors to take the courses and hence the courses will not be that great. You wont learn a lot.

3) Career Fairs:

When you are in a good University, there will be 2 Career fairs every year and there would be lots of good companies coming to the fair. Its the best place to interact with the recruiting people of the company and have a chat with them. Low Ranked Universities wont be having such fairs and if they do, big companies won’t be attending their fairs.

4) Companies Wont Consider You:

Generally big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, MathWorks require a student to have studied in good universities. Generally they look at the university you are currently studying. Big Companies always want to hire from good Universities. Hence chances of getting a call and getting full time job becomes difficult.

5) Job Hunt Will Be Pain In The Neck:

As said above since big companies wish to hire from Good Universities and hence getting a job will become very difficult and you would end up joining consultancies, which is not a good option.

My Take On This Topic

I see a lot of students on facebook going for low ranked universities and the first thing that pops in my mind is how can they even go for it. Many students tell me that they are not financially strong to go for a good university. I tell them that there are many good public universities which have low fees but still you are going for low ranked university.

The thing I noticed was that students take their GRE and if they get a low score, they try to get a University with that score. They don’t try to retake GRE and have the urge to go into Good Universities. Its not about coming to USA any how; but selecting a Good University for yourself should be the primary goal. Any student can enter the United States but it does matter as to which University you are going for.

I sincerely request students who have made up their minds to go for low ranked university to put more efforts and try to enter into good ranked universities. I always tell students to aim for the top 100 Universities and anything below that is not worth coming here.

Agents on the Rise:

I guess many of you might have seen posts on facebook stating if you wish to join XYZ University, they can give you an admit. Don’t fall into such a trap. Never go to counselors that suggest you to go for low ranked universities. They would tell you all those things you want to hear but not the facts. So please don’t trust such people.

Final Say

I want all of you to aim high. Never settle for low ranked universities. Your aim should always be going for good ranked universities and not just coming to the United States and attending any low Ranked University. You will be spending lakhs towards your education and I want you to spent towards a good university. But its up to you to decide as to what you wish to choose.

Aim high and your future gets made, Aim low and your struggle continues

Going For Low Ranked University: My Take On It

3 thoughts on “Going For Low Ranked University: My Take On It

  • August 13, 2015 at 9:23 am


    Great post. How do we know which university is ranked good or poor? Are SJSU and Cali state uni ranked considered low rank uni?

  • September 12, 2015 at 5:07 am

    hello ur posts are really helpful, my question is i gave ma gre and got(CGPA 7.9 mumbai univ
    ) 310(158Q,152V,AWA 4) im planning for mech engg(fall 16).Should i retake the exam or are these scores decent enough to get me in goos univ ????


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