GMAT Vs GRE: – Which Test Is Right For You

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Hello Everyone,

Few months back, I had compared GRE and GMAT Examinations. If you have not gone through that previous post, I recommend you to go through that post by clicking on the following link: Do I Go For GRE or GMAT? Such a Question generally arises in the minds of the Students who are planning to go for MS in Management in Information Systems or Masters of Engineering Management also known as (MEM).

Universities which for such courses accept both GRE as well as GMAT. Below is an infographic, which compares these two Examinations.


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2 thoughts on “GMAT Vs GRE: – Which Test Is Right For You

  1. hello sir,
    im having low aggregate of 62% with 8 backlogs in planning to do mba finance through gre.can i have the chances of getting good universities by scoring good marks in gre,tofel without the work experience.

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