Financial Documents Required By The Universities

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Hello Everyone,

I saw a Question in the Facebook Groups related to the Financial Documents that needed to be Submitted to the University. So In this post I will discuss in detail regarding the Financial Documents Required to be Submitted to the Universities in the US or any other Country.

Generally the Financial Documents required are the same but there will be a very little Difference from One University to Another.

Financial Documents Required: – 

  • Bank Statement.
  • Copy Of Your Passport.
  • Sponsorship Form or Financial Statement Form.

Bank Statement: –

Bank Verification (example: a copy of bank statement) of all funds must be provided and dated within the current year. For Some Universities Like Carnegie Mellon, You may count 50% of the value for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit and similar investments as a evidence for Financial Support. But for Some other Universities like Rutgers, do not accept any non-liquid assets.

No University Accepts Real Estate Properties as a evidence for Financial Support.

Many Universities like Carnegie Mellon will not accept Chartered Accountant statements, life insurance policies or retirement accounts. 

So To Sum up: – You cannot show any non-liquid assets in general. But you have to check with your University whether they have certain rules and regulations with respect to showing Financial Support. As you can see in the example above, Carnegie Mellon allows you to count 50% of the values of stocks, Bonds etc. So double check with the Universities regarding what non-liquid assets can be shown.

Sponsorship Form Or Financial Statement Form: – 

A Sponsorship Form Or Financial Statement Form will be provided by the University itself which has to filled and Signed by your Sponsor for your MS which can be your Parents or any of your Relatives. The Sign  should be from one of the Sponsors. To take a look into what a Sponsorship Form looks like, Take a look at these two forms from San Jose State University and University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Some Universities call it Financial Statement Form which is the same as Sponsorship Form. Check Rutgers Financial Statement Form.

San Jose State University: – Sponsorship Form For International Students.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside: – Sponsorship Form For International Students.

Rutgers: – Rutgers Financial Statement Form.

Copy Of Passport: –

A Copy of Passport might be required as said in San Jose State University requirements. But this may vary from one to another University. Some Universities require Copy of Passport and Your Photos.

Double Check In The Universities Website: –

No other Documents are required by the Universities apart from the above mentioned Documents. But it is always good to double check with the University Website or contacting the University office regarding Financial Documents the University in particular needs.

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