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Hi, Query regarding LOR. Please help, i have few doubts.

University mentioned as below:
“Letters of Recommendation (Optional): Letters of recommendation should be from faculty or others (supervisors, professional colleagues, etc.) qualified to evaluate your potential for graduate study.”

1. In this scenario, how many LORs do i need to submit?                                                     2. Considering i shall be having 3.5 years of work experience by fall 16, is it fine if i take the recommendation from TeamLead and not my manager?                                                     3. Is it mandatory to take LOR from the immediate TL or i may take it from the one, with whom i have worked previously? Can we take the recommendation from our colleagues as well?                                                                                                                                   4. For academic LORs, as i am 2012 passout and most of the professors who taught me left the institution so am i free to take the recommendation from current HOD or any professor at the institute?                                                                                                         5. Is it mandatory for a professor to be Phd holder, will it do if he is M-tech?                       6. LORs need to from official ids or their gmail ids will suffice?

Answer from Admin: (Useful Info on LOR’s: LOR entire overview)

These are really nice questions and I guess many students might have the same questions in mind.

1) Generally 3 LOR’s are required by the Universities in USA. Universities mostly will mention how many they require. If they haven’t then it’s good to give 3 LOR’s.

2) In your case, since you have a good work experience, it’s ideal to give 1 LOR of your Team Lead/Manager and 2 from University professors. This is an ideal way to go about. Even though you have experience, Universities still need 2 from your Professors.

3) Don’t consider recommendations from colleagues. It’s good to have a recommendation from the person under whom you have worked/working like a Manager/Team Lead.

4) Yes, you can take recommendation from any professor who is still teaching in your University/College. Do not take recommendations from Professors who have left the University/College as it won’t count.

5) There is no such criteria as to what level of education your professor should have completed. If your professor still teaches in the University/College you have been to, then he/she can give you LOR.

6) It’s good to give their official email ID’s rather than gmail. If professors don’t have an official ID then you might want to print and scan a hard copy of your LOR with the letterhead of the University/College.

I hope I was able to answer your questions.

FAQs on Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

One thought on “FAQs on Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

  • March 20, 2016 at 5:47 am

    Thanks for the details. One question.

    Few universities like USC (MSCS) mentions SOP and LOR to be Optional.
    In such cases, would it be better-off NOT submitting them?
    If giving more information than universities’s mandatory docs might work to ones disadvantage?
    or Does it hamper the decision process and lead to outright reject for not submitting them?

    Whats the best way to go forward in such cases?


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