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Health Insurance

Since I am from Northeastern University, I do know entire details about the University Health Insurance. I personally am under the University health insurance for two years now. I got a lot of queries related to the NUSHP University Health Insurance that Northeastern University offers you. I thought of creating a post related to the common FAQs that a student has with respect to the Health Insurance. I have covered almost all the questions.

If you have any additional questions please use the comment box below.

FAQ’s On Health Insurance:

1. Do we have to submit any other form/certificate along with the Health Form to UHCS?

NO, The University and the Massachusetts State Law require just the Health Form to be filled and signed (with a stamp) by a Licensed Medical Professional. We should send both the 1st and 2nd pages of the Health Form. And if in case, you want to waiver the Meningococcal Vaccine, then include the last page too.

2. Is it mandatory to submit the Health Form one month prior to entering the University?

NO, as they have a lot of paper work to do, they ask the students to send it one month prior to entering the University. However, she asked to submit the form as early as possible and should not be latter than the date we enter the University.

3. Can we fill in any future dates in the Health Form? For example, I am sending the form on 20th July, 2013 and I still have the second dose of MMR due on 30th July, 2013, then can I fill the Date Column under MMR vaccine as 30th July, 2013?

NO, we are not supposed to fill any future dates in the health Form. We should leave them blank i.e. in the above example; leave the Date 2 field under MMR blank.

In such cases we can still submit the form to the University but it is our responsibility to take the other doses also. However, we need to take a proof from the doctor saying that we had taken the remaining dose under them and that the there are no doses left (In case) from that particular vaccine and send the scanned copy to the University (Also take that proof along with you there). By proof she means a written/printed document on a letter head.

4. If there are pending doses that I have to take in the USA, then can I do that? If so, what is the process?

Yes, we can get the remaining doses for any particular vaccine in the USA. If we are taking the vaccination from anywhere outside the University, they might cost somewhere between $50 to $72 per dose and Varicella costs $125 per dose L. If you are taking the NUSHP, then the vaccinations at University are for free J. TITERS cost $20 each.

If you are on any other Insurance plan, then depending on their policy they charge us. It might be free or not. It is suggested that you get at least the first dose of every vaccine from India. Hence, it is not necessary that we have to get all the doses completed before sending the form or before entering the University.

Make sure that Meningococcal and TDaP are taken within the last five years and ten years respectively from September 01, 2013. Any dates prior to that will not be accepted.

Titers should be taken only if you don’t have any proof that you had already taken the vaccines before (For example childhood) and that the doctor is not willing to sign the Health Form without that proof.

However, to reconfirm, the University or the Massachusetts State Law doesn’t ask for any other proof other than the Health Form.

So, if the doctor is willing to sign the form by filling the childhood dates, then that is sufficient and Titers need not be taken. We can leave the Titers table blank if we are not getting any Titers done.

 It is better to carry a proof/certificate from the doctor that he/she has administered you for the vaccines mentioned in the Health Form with the dates mentioned (Childhood or the present dates).

The reason being; sometimes during internships some organizations ask for submitting such proofs. Also, if we have to move to another state for Co-op or internship, then that state law might also ask you to produce a proof of vaccination. So if you getting any proof/certificate, ask the doctor to include other vaccines also such as TB, etc which we have taken during childhood. Else, we might have to get them done there (In case if we move to another state)

If you are waiving off Meningococcal, then it is not required to get the Titer done for that vaccine as this is an optional vaccine.

If in case, we get any of the vaccines done during our childhood, can we mention the same dates? Also, for this do we have to bring/send any proof for the same? Either to the University or during immigration or any other time during our stay in the USA?

Yes, we can fill in the childhood dates and there is no proof required for the same other the doctors sign on the Health Form.

But be careful that both TDaP and Meningococcal should be taken within the last ten and five years respectively.

If we have suffered from Chicken Pox during our childhood, then do we have to get Varicella vaccine done? Else, do we have to produce any proof?

No, just fill the third column under Varicella with the approximate date when you suffered from Chicken Pox.

What is the procedure to waive off NUSHP (Health Plan)? If we are willing to buy any Insurance from a private Organization, then what is the process?

NUSHP will be included in our fee structure by default. If you want to waive it off, then you have to click on Waive NUSHP (Health Plan) link on the Self Service tab in our portal. This link will be activated only once we are billed for the semester. And that would probably be during the last week of August or the first week of September.

FAQs on Health Insurance: NUSHP Northeastern University Boston
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