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Check out the Visa Interview Experiences of students who will be attending Fairleigh Dickinson University in this Fall 2015. The Visa Experiences have been shared by the Students on facebook groups which have been collected and shown in US Graduates Blog. The experiences shared entirely belong to the students.

This is just for the info. Hope the experiences would be useful for you all. Please do share your experiences too in the comment box.

Interview 1:

My dream came true. Visa approved at chennai consulate in counter no 22 for an appointment at 12:30pm on june 12th 2015.

Me: hi mam how r u?
Vo: yaah am fine. How about u??
Me: fine mam. Hope u have accustomed with chennai s climate??
Vo: hey (with a big smile) i live in texas and am used to tis kind of weather.
Me: oh thts good…
Vo: Give me ur Passport and i20..
Me: yaah sure mam.
Vo: so fairleigh dickinson university??
Me: yes mam…
Vo: why this univ??
Me: God damn i was well prepd with this questn and when she askd it my mind got empty. I din remember anythng. I literally blaberred smthng like infra opportunities indepth knwledge bla bla (interrupted)
Vo: whch year passed out??
Me: 2013
Vo: what were you dng since then??
Me: i was workng for sme time and prepg for gre, ielts and pte and (interrupted)
Vo: who s sponsoring you??
Me: My father
Vo: ok ur visa is approved.
Me: Thankyou mam ( i was like was it really approved. Wow man u made it )

I saw the officers approving f1 visas and drilling out h1b visa applicants with dependents.. Finally be honest with ur answers and be apt to the point. Avoid blabbering. In order to overcome it kindly rehearse for sme common questns for atleast 6 to 7 times.. i bet u will forget 5 points if u prep 10 points. In my case i forgot almost all points due to lack f rehearsal. Keep smilng. Dress urself in such a way you feel cmfortable. I was thereby 11:30am for 12:30pm appt. U can relax urself in the hall. And Finally carry photos accordng to us visas specifications. If not u need to waste ur time again by takng pic like u do in ofc.

Profile: 281/6.0/59.1/75 on 90 (pte)
Tech editor at sps for 4.5 mnths

Fairleigh Dickinson University F-1 Visa Interview Experiences 2015

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