F-1 Visa Rejected In Chennai, But Approved In Hyderabad

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  • Consulate: Chennai,no docs were asked.
  • Date: 3-12-2012
  • University: UMKC
  • GRE: 293.IELTS: 6.5, 72.51%, No backlogs
  • ug: EEE,masters: cse
  • Name: Manoj

vo in a guy around 25-30
vo: good morning sir,how r u?
me: gdmg sir fine,how r u?

vo:pass the docs
(he took gre/ielts and i20 and kept aside without looking)
vo:ur graduation program?


vo:y univ?

vo:ur other admits?

vo:as u r from andhra y did u come to chennai?
me:told as dates r not available

vo:typed for 5 sec and sry i cannot issue visa,,the reason is mentioned in this paper(214b)
me: i tried to say something about job offer letter
vo:ok thankuuu

As in chennai i felt some counters r like rapid fire counters and even if rejected it gives no satisfaction so applied MY 2nd attempt in hyd and remembered to not tell routine answers

  • date:20-12-2012,same univ, no changes to profile
  • counter:11,no docs were asked,11:15,vo is almost same like previous chennai vo so i thought i cannot
  • status: approved

vo:hello sir
me: hai sir,gdmg,how r u?

vo: i am good,pass ur docs(seen my i20 for 30 sec)
vo:how much is ur scholarship?
me:8000$ sir

vo:what is DISA award?(related to umkc)
me:told abbreviation

vo:y did u select this univ?
me:told that i have worked lot under ug profs and got appreciation for my proj and linked with serious research gng in umkc(thought to deviate vo to my project but not successful)

vo: ur gre?
me: told in old and new patterns(and waiting about ielts to say 6.5 specially 7.5 in reading but didnt ask)

vo:ur %?
me:72.51 in first class(actually 0.03 cgpa miss for 1st class no distinction)

vo:any backlogs?
me:absoluetly no sir

vo:other univs u have applied?
me:told all and for other univ uhcl i got dfs scholarship also sir which is given only to few students

vo:Then y not this univ do u think this univ(umkc) is good than that(uhcl)?
me:definetly sir,and told my project and research matches this univ than that and also told that my bro did assistantship under the same prof so he convinced me about blah blah

vo:ok did ur bro studied in the same univ(gave expression like “ya now i got u…u r finished”)
me:yes sir 2 years back

vo:what is ur bro doing?
me:told his status is opt and he is working in newyork to gain experience and his opt will expire nxt year

vo: ok then he will apply for h1 visa,,right!
me: no sir,he will return back to india as he will come from us to india and i will got from india to us so that someone will be there to look after my parents(vo laughs)

vo:what is ur parents age?
me:one is 45 other is 50(actually more but i said as no time to think exactly)

vo:then they can look after themselves,,,y do ur bro need to look after them?
me:actually my bro will get married and child will be born and my parents need such type of environment and sothat they dont feel alone(again vo is laughing)

vo:ok r u a good student than ur brother?
me:yes sir..iam good student than him and also published 3 international papers in three international journals

vo:ok tell me ur brother name?first name?
me:told and checked in computer

vo:he did ms in 1 year?
me:no sir he completed in 2 years

vo:typed for 2 secc and said to take my passport and i20 in 3 days
me:thankuuuu sir,have a nice day
vo:u too

iam very very happy as i am rejected 1st time and it is my second time so happiness is at my peaks- jumping all over…thankuuuu everyone… :)

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