F-1 Visa Interview Experience of Thirupathi

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Visa Interview Experience of Thirupathi

My VI Experience……..

1st Attempt: ODU Spring 2012 1st dec 2011 rejected
2nd Attempt: ODU Spring 2012 20th dec 2011 rejected (VO told me he thought me as potential immigrant)

3rd Attempt: Western Michigan University Spring 2013 5th nov 2012 approved

10:30 batch
token no. E77 and waited for approx 1hr

at first counter no. 11

two f1 people before me , granted visa for one and rejected for one.
now my turn..
VO: Good Morning..
Me: Good Morning sir,
Me: How is the day?
VO: So far, it’s good.

passed the documents…
after scanning, he told something about my last rejection and to wait for one minute. he went to next counter and came n said that go to counter no. 13. he will take the interview.
Me: Ok, thank u sir,
VO: good luck…
from this, I came to know that he said I have taken the interview one year back. Even i didn’t recognize him exactly.

Counter no.13 .

2 people before me, one is f1 and other one c1 visa. f1 rejected and c1 under processing.

my turn….

Me: Good Morning sir…(no reply from him and passed my documents)
Me: How is the day sir… (just shaken his head and looking into his system)
VO: ohh you were rejected last time ? what are your improvements?
Me: From the past one year, iam working as android developer and changed ……….(interrupted )
VO: In which company you are working?
Me: told.
VO: Have you retaken your gre?
Me: no sir…
VO: Why?
Me: I got good score sir.
VO: How much?
Me: 1110
VO: Pass me score card?(Passed)
VO: showing me my verbal score in score card, your verbal score is too … (low,i didn’t hear the exact word).
Me: just smiled at VO. (VO became possitive and given me score card)
VO: When you are passed out?
Me: 2011 sir,
VO: How much percentage?
Me: 70.36%
VO: Backlogs?
Me: 3 sir unfortunately, But i have cleared them in my next attempt.
VO: why only this university?
Me: This university is offering me the advanced course curricullum which is unique from others in SE specilization of CS major. Moreover this uni is concetrating most on research projects in CS.
VO: last time u r for ODU. this time WMU. Why you have changed the university?
Me: At that time i wanted to go for n/w specilization but now with the experience i got as software developer, I want to go for SE specilization. Compare to ODU, WMU is best for SE specialization.
VO: In which company u have the experience?
Me: told.
VO: what .. what .. (even i didn’t understand the question exactly)
Me: told again. ( looked like convinced about my visa)
VO: Who is going to sponcer u?
Me: My Father sir,
VO: What is he?
Me: told.(i didn’t remember whether he asked for income or not)
VO: How much savings?
Me: told
VO: Do you have bank balance?
Me: No sir,
VO: Why ? You are doing job right?
Me: I have given money to my parents.
VO: Why, your parents Need money?
Me: No sir, As iam the only son to my parents, it’s …… my obligation. ( strucked little bit before saying obligation )
VO: Do you have bank loan?
Me: yes sir, i have 10 lacs of bank loan.
VO: typed for 2 secs and here came golden words .. I am approving your visa. ( put the documents besides to him )
Me: Thank you, Very much sir… (i am turning with my file and said something about transport. I didn’t get it .said thank you . Nobody behind me. He went inside.)

what i want to say is dont loose confidence at any time of interview.
it is not possible to maintain smile through out the interview but try maintain smile in some questions. maintain eye contact

Thanx 2 all who posted in this group…………
I got my passport today

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