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Interview Experience Of Paras for Spring 2013

NEU MS-CS: VISA approved (North Eastern University)
Visa date : 8th Nov
Place: – Mumbai Consulate,┬áCounter 34

Me: Good Morning Officer
VI: Morning…Thanks for waiting
Me: *Smiles*
VI: What are going to study at NEU?
Me: Masters in Computer Science
VI: How many other Universities have u applied and what?
Me: 6 and started naming them …named three and he stopped me
VI: Why NEU?
Me: Answered
VI: Who is sponsoring?
Me: Dad & Uncle
VI: What do they do?
Me: Told
VI: What was your Undergrad field?
Me: Information technology and explained that it was related to my field of major
VI: When is your college staring?
Me: Answered
VI: Congo
Me: Thanks…. Thanks…ThanksP.S.: I didnt even open my file. No financial docs …. no marks related qs …nothing related to work … when i have passed ….nothing was asked …. the only things passed as documents were I-20, Passport and SEVIS. My Visa got over in hardly 30-40 secs.Be confident and you can make it.Thanks to you all!!!
F-1 Visa Interview Experience of Paras

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