F-1 Visa Interview Experience: – Abhishek

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North Carolina State University: VISA approved ( 1st attempt)
Master’s: Industrial Engineering
Visa date : 23rd Nov, 2012
Mumbai Consulate
Counter 28

Me: Hello, Good Morning!
VO: Morning…How are you?
Me: I am fine. Thank you.
{Read I-20 carefully}
VO: Why NCSU only?
Me: told abt course catalog, research, labs & my interest in working it.
VO: Do you have any siblings?
Me: Yes, one sister 5 years younger than me.
VO: How you are going to fund your education ?
Me: XX lacs loan & XX lacs liquid assets.
VO: Can I see loan sanction letter?
Me: Sure, here it is.
VO: How you are going to pay loan?
Me: After coming back to India, Me & my Father will pay it. Also his income is XX lacs so wont be problem.
VO: Sir, I am approving your Visa….You will get it in 3-4 days….
Me: Okay, Thank you.

Be relaxed & confident. Give short answers…Dont be too desperate …Dont be too formal (for eg. some guys keep sayin ‘sir/ma’am’ for all d times….)… If you qualify as student having good admit, good scores, good financial assets… dont worry, you will surely get visa. All d best for students applying to Visa!!!

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