F-1 Visa Interview Experience

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This was the Visa Interview Experience of Cherry.

Hi guys and gals…i got my visa today at Hyderabad consulate and wud like to share my experience…
My VI was scheduled morning 8:30. I was there at 7:30. and after all the initial formalities i waited for my VI for abt two and half hours (got frustrated) and then my number came….vnt to counter no 11.they were 3 people infront of me(most of them for visitor visa and i think there are hardly few ppl for f1)…VO was asking so many questions and rejected all the three…then my turn came….here it goes my 5-7mins. of VI

VO : hi
me: good morning sir, hr u?( gave a smile)
vo : fyne….(he was kool and smiling)
me: waiting for his ques

vo: so y u have choosen dis univ?
me: told bcos of research work in my specialisation.

Vo: wat is subject for ur specialization?
me : told

vo: wat are the new things that they are going to implement?
me: told ( i added all the technical words which i remember)

vo: wat are ur gre and toefl scores?
me : i said my toefl score first then gre ( 88 and 292)

vo: wat are ur academics?
me: i said 65%

vo: do u have any backlogs?
me: yes i had 3 but cleared in first attempt

vo: wat are the other universities u have applied?
me: uhcl,tamuk, fdu

vo: did u got funding?
me: yes

vo: wat made them to fund u?
me: may be my academics and my interest towards research work

vo: who is sponsering u?
me: my parents

vo: wat they do?
me: told

vo: wat are their annual income together?
me: told

vo: do u have any siblings there?
me: yes

vo: then he started asking about my sister, where is she working, from where did she got graduated? in which year did she go and in which year did she completed her Ms
me: i told everything very confidently

vo: ok let me check ( he typed my surname and my sister’s name…got all the details verified)
after typing for 1min…..he said the golden words…..Plz collect your passport after 5 days.
me: thank you sir (blushing)

I was so happy rushing out of the office….wat all i can suggest is be confident….infact should be very confident watever we say…..Vo didnt asked single document to show.

Hope this helped You. Thanks.

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