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Hello Everyone,

I saw a Question in my Group F-1 Visa Interviews (Analyze Your Interview). from Suresh stating ” HI!!!!!!!!! I wanna know what r my chances of getting a visa for sacred heart univ(chem). I have a GRE score of 960 and IELTS of 6.5.acads 73%wd 3 bklogs…”


So I thought of posting this Visa Interview Experience of a Candidate with a Low GRE Score of 850, Low Acads and trying to get into a Low Ranked School (Sacred Heart University) . I found this Visa Interview from a Website and thought of sharing this Visa Interview Experience with you all.

The Candidate has been Rejected 2 Times Already and he is going for the Third Attempt which is also a Failure but he Succeeded in the Fourth Attempt.

Third Attempt: – Failure

Started with Good Morning.

VO: Have you applied before?
me: Yes 2 times and this is the 3rd time.

VO: what ar ur academics and GRE?
me: 57% and 850

VO: any backlogs?
me: a total of 11,but only 4 belong to my CS course .

VO: sorry,u r’nt qualified with the US laws.
me: Sir,frm last 2 times,I was given the same 214b slip.But i couldnt find any justified for my rejection in it.

VO: as u hav low acads and gre,U cannot compete with US students over there.
me: I agree.Can I speak for 1 min if u permit?

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Gave a gap of 6 months gained some work experience and gave a try again-

Fourth Attempt: – Success.

VO: pass ur docs
Me: has given my Ds-160, passport and sevis.

VO: She scanned my ds-160 and busy with reading my previous visa intrvw officer comments,
Me- Officer, I would like to reduce ur stress by explaing my case in much detail.

VO: Sorry
Me- I would like to explain you those comments and my profile in much detail.

VO: Ok , tell me.
Me- Frankly speaking this is my 4th attempt for the VISA and yes, atlast I realized that I was rejected coz of low acads and GRE. I came to know that these two factors play a key role for qualifying a visa.
To explain u about my case, I’m done with my UG in 2011 and now I cant make any changes to my % or my count of backlogs. So I’m helpless in this. When GRE is considered, I think I dont hav to retake it again, when i was given an admit from an univ with this score.

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From this Entire episode we can realized that if you have the passion to study in the US no matter what your acads are and if you can show this passion during the Interview then you will overcome the F-1 Visa Interview.

All The Best.

F-1 Visa Interview: – Don’t Give Up Hope.

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