F-1 Visa Approved For MS In Biomedical Engineering In SJSU

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Hello Everyone,

Check out the F-1 Visa Interview of a Student, who’s Visa got Approved for MS In Biomedical Engineering In SJSU. She also gives a small piece of Advice for Students who are yet to give their F-1 Visa Interview. I Thank the Student for sharing her Interview with this Blog and also providing a good advice for Students who will be giving their Interviews in the near future.

  • Profile : 7.902 in B.Tech.
  • Visa Status : Approved.
  • Consulate : Mumbai.
  • Date and Time : 05th Dec, 9.30 am.
  • University And Course : MS in Biomedical Engineering, San Jose State University.

The Interview: – 

The person in front of me had already pissed the VO by not able to understand what documents he was asking for. I was just smiling at my fate for being the very next person. In all the smiling, i forgot to wish the VO good morning. 😛

VO: Pass me the docs <with a weird face>
Me: Passed the I 20 <since the passport was already with him>
VO: What all univs u applied to?
Me: SJSU, UTA, ASU, Purdue, USC.
VO: Why San Jose?
Me: San Jose has very good research going on in the field on medical devices.. <cut me in between>
VO: Why only San Jose? Why dint u go for any other university? Why not ‘Tempe’? <this is what i ttthhhiiinkkk he asked bcz the word sounded very much like tempe>
Me: <thinking him to be referring to ASU Tempe, said> I had been rejected by ASU. And so I am going to SJSU.
VO: <He again asked me> Why not Tempe?
Me: <This time raising my voice a bit, thinking he had not heard my answer the prev time, repeated the same. However, he cut me through>
VO: Arent u able to understand what am I asking?
Me: <here i couldnt help but smile a bit at my fate thinking, here goes my visa!!!> I am unable to understand what you are saying.
VO: Never Mind. <made a very disgusting face and asked> Who is sponsoring your MS?
Me: My father who has been working for XXX since last XX years and has an annual income of XX lakhs.
VO: blah, blah, blah approved, blah blah blah. Collect it after 5 days.

Took a few seconds to understand what had actually happened. Stared at the VO until when he had kept the passport aside that my mind registered the word “approved”. Could not believe my ears. Couldn’t help but smile. Forgot to thank the VO and just ran out to tell my mother standing outside the office with bated breath that I would not have to come here again. 😛

Advice To Students: – 

My two cents for those who havent given the interview yet, just be confident. The visa interview has been hyped a lot. I know its easy to say but difficult to do, but seriously, nothing is going to happen even if you dont get it the first time. There are people who have got their visa the 5th time. I mean, its all how determined a person is to pursue higher studies. Dont be nervous. Keep smiling. Be nice. The waiting time before the interview is a boon in disguise. Its enough to irritate u so much of the impending interview that by the time you really go for the interview, u just want to be done with it. 😛 😀 So be confident. and remember, its no big deal even if you dont get through. Thankfully there is a second, third, fourth, fifth.. chance. 😛

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