E-Verify Employer Search Tool Provide By USCIS

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Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is on the topic of E-Verify Employer Search Tool that is made available to the individuals by USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). Using this search tool you can find out whether the employer/company to which you are applying for a job in USA is E-verified or not. This tool also helps the Employers too for checking the background information of the Individuals who are applying to their Company.

I will be discussing in detail regarding this from the Individuals/Students perspective only.

Why your Employer/Company should be E-Verified?

The reason because of which your Employer/Company should be E-Verified is because it useful for OPT students for applying OPT Extension. As you all know that Students are given 12 months of OPT Period. Plus there is a OPT Extension for students who are under STEM. This extension is of 17 months. So to get OPT extension (Extension beyond 12 months) employer must be E-verified. If not then sometimes you might not get an OPT Extension. Thus your Employer/Company in which you work should be E-Verified.

Students who are unaware of what exactly is an OPT Period and what is STEM, then I would suggest you to go through these following links: –

How to Check Whether Employer/Company is E-Verified or Not?

So, how to check whether your Employer/Company is E-Verified or not? The USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) has an official website in which you can go and check whether the Employer/Company is E-Verified or not. Click on this link to check the official E-Verification Website. Official E-Verify Employer Search Tool By USCIS.

When you visit the official USCIS Page, you might see the below Search Tool.

This tool can list Employers/Companies in any state/city in USA. If you have the Employers/Company Name, then you can directly enter it and check whether it is E-Verified or not. In short you can search E-Verified Employers/Companies based on: –

  • Name.
  • City/State.
  • Zip Code.

To Conclude: –

It is a good practice to check whether your Employers/Company is E-Verified or not. I hope I was able to provide you complete details regarding this. If you have any queries, please use the comment box to express it.

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