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This post was Suggested by Alagiavanan Saravanan. He’s Query was “Whether Speaking In American Accent Improve the TOEFL Speaking Section Score?” This is really a good Question and many Students might have the same Question in their minds while preparing for the TOEFL Exam. So let’s clear this Doubt.

Whether Speaking In American Accent Improve the TOEFL Speaking Section Score?

No. Speaking In American Accent does not Improve your TOEFL Score. As long as the Evaluator can understand what the test-taker is trying to convey he/she will make it through. The British or Indian accent will not be a criterion for disqualification or awarding less points. The Answer to the Question was in fact provided by Emilie Pooler, an assessment specialist for TOEFL when The Hindu Education plus Interviewed Her.

Check her Full Interview By Clicking This Link: – Accent is not a criteria for disqualification, says TOEFL specialist.

So What Do Evaluators Look For When rating Your Speaking Section?

So here are the things the Evaluators will look for when you give your Answers in the TOEFL Speaking Section. They are not interested in your Accents.

  • Whether You are able to Communicate the Answers Properly.
  • Your Fluency.
  • Your Pronunciation.
  • Use Of Idioms while Speaking.
  • Appropriate and Correct use of English Grammar.

So these are the main things that Evaluators will look into while going through your Answers for Speaking Section and then Rate you.

I hope I was able to clear this Doubt. Speaking in American Accent does not improve TOEFL Speaking Score. The Evaluators look for other things as mentioned above.

Does Speaking in American Accent Improve TOEFL Speaking Score?

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