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How much weightage does having prior work experience hold in getting a job after completing your MS in the field relevant to your prior experience? Supply Chain is a broad field and I would like to know more about the different aspects of Supply Chain after I complete my MS. Having an experience of 3 years in procurement, say if I want to switch to the logistics domain after my MS, would that render my prior experience null/void?

Answer from Admin:

Firstly, it’s a great question that many students have in their minds. So let’s discuss in detail regarding whether your experience would count or be of any help while finding a job in the USA? There are three cases two this and I have explained it below. Being a Software Developer, I will take the example of Software Industry to explain it to you better.

Experience in the Same Field and Applying for Same Positions

  • Let’s say I have a software developer experience in India for 2 years and I come to United States to study MS in Computer Science.
  • In that case, your experience will certain uplift your profile when compare with other students.
  • This will certainly add to your advantage and the chances of getting a call from a company increases.
  • But always remember there are lots of other students as well with the same amount of experience and profile. The thing that differentiates you from others is the work you did and contributed in the company.

Experience from the Same Field and Applying for Different Positions

  • Let’s say you have worked for 3 years as a Software Tester in India and came to the USA for studying MS in Computer Science or Information Systems.
  • You wish to apply for Software Developer role instead of tester, in that case your experience will certainly be a plus in terms of professional experience.
  • When your profile is reviewed for the position, a lot of stress would be given to your academic projects that you did in Masters and how you have shaped yourself to become a Software Developer being a Tester in the past.
  • It would be a great value addition if you become a Teaching Assistant or a Research Assistant and work on some projects with your professors to elevate your profile.

Experience from Different Field all Together

  • Let’s say you have experience in an Electronic Industry for 3 years and you have undertook MS in Computer Science or Information Systems.
  • In this case too, your experience will certainly tell that you have been around a professional environment but as said above the recruiters will keenly go through the projects and other achievements you made while studying CS or IS.
  • Achievements certainly tells the recruiters about the passion you have towards the field and this will help you get a call from a company.


To conclude I would say if you have a relevant experience and the work you did was significantly good then it will uplift your profile but if you have irrelevant experience then the whole concentration would be towards your projects and other achievements. But experience when it’s irrelevant to the position that you apply for, won’t count.

Does Prior Work Experience Help In Getting A Job After MS

One thought on “Does Prior Work Experience Help In Getting A Job After MS

  • September 9, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    well, i have experience of 2 yrs in teaching basic software courseslike c, c++, core java in an institute and planning to pursue ms in computer science . will that experience be useful to me to get a job after ms ?


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