Diagnostic and Score Review Services Provided By ETS For GRE Exam

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Today I will be focusing on two separate services that are provided by ETS for the GRE Examination. I suppose many students know these services, but still there are students who are yet not aware of these services. So this post will provide you will complete details regarding the Diagnostic and Score Review Services provided by the ETS for your GRE Test.

Diagnostic Services: –

Diagnostic Service is a free service provided by the ETS to analyse your GRE Examination. It will help you to understand your performance on the test questions in your Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections. It includes a description of the types of questions you answered right and wrong, the difficulty level of each question, the time spent on each question etc. This service is available for six months following the day you took your Revised GRE Test. You can access the GRE Diagnostic Service once your scores are available online or after you receive your official ETS score report by mail. To check this service provided by ETS, go to this link: GRE® Diagnostic Service.

Score Review Service: –

Score Review Service provided by the ETS for GRE Examination, allows the students to challenge the score they have obtained in the Examination. There are two types of Score Review Service provided by the ETS.

1) Question Answer Review Service: –

This service allows you to review the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning test questions that you answered incorrectly on your computer-based revised General Test. The questions are presented with your answers and the correct answers. The service is available to individuals who test in the United States, U.S. Territories or Puerto Rico and it costs $50 for this review service.

2) AWA Score Review Service: –

This service is available to all the Students around the World. You may request a review of your Analytical Writing section up to six months after the administration. Submit the fee with your written request; include your full name, date of birth, test date, registration number, address and phone number. Mail the request to GRE-ETS, PO Box 6000, Princeton, NJ 08541-6000. Allow four weeks for the results of the review to be mailed. Note that during the review process your scores will be placed on hold; you will not be able to report your scores to designated score recipients until the review process is completed. If the score review process results in a higher or lower score, the new score will be reported. It costs $55 for this review service.

My Take on Review Service: –

For International Students who will be using AWA Score Review Service, I would suggest you to use this service only if you are certain that you should have got a better score than what you have received. Since it costs $55, go for the review service only if you are certain about your AWA section.

More Details: –

To get more details regarding the services offered by ETS, go to this specified link: – Scoring Services Provided by ETS for GRE.

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  1. Hi i applied ets ibt review through fax by download the form week ago. Money not deducted from my account yet. Am confident about my score please advice me how to contact ets for status of my review. Thank you.

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