Copying Statement Of Purpose (SOP) Is Not A Good Idea

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Hello Everyone,

Statement Of Purpose (SOP) generally plays the biggest role while the Universities examine your Application. SOP actually reflects the Students Goals, Qualities, Interests and provide Answers to various questions that Universities generally have. For Example: – Why does the Students wants to do MS or What are the Extra Curricular activities that Student has taken part in, What are the Goals etc. In simple words SOP reflects You.

Thus SOP is the most important document that Universities examine and sometimes take decisions based on your SOP.

What Many Students Do With The Sample SOP’s?

After giving a short summary on how important SOP is, I have seen many students ask for copies of previous statement of purpose (SOP) related to that area. Generally many students get these SOP from seniors who have got admission in a University or through various websites which provide these sample SOP’s. Some Students after going through these SOP’s write their SOP on their own but many Students just copy these previous SOP’s or make small changes in this and prepare it. So let me tell you why you should not just copy or modify SOP of someone else.

Why Copying/Modifying Previous SOP is a Bad Idea?

Firstly, when you are Copying or just Modifying the SOP, the SOP does not reflects You at all. It reflects the Person who first created the SOP. In simple words you are taking the Qualities, Goals of some other person and pretend that these are your Goals, which is in fact cheating yourselves.

Secondly, Let’s say you Copy or Modify some SOP and provide it to the University. The University will verify all the Documents that you have given with your SOP like GRE, GPA your TOEFL and your LOR. When they find some contrasts in your SOP and these Documents, they could easily know that the SOP has been copied. For Instance let’s say you have Written in your SOP that you are best in Leadership and in your Online LOR, your Professors just give you 4/10 for Leadership. This reflects the Contrasts and your Application can be rejected because of this.

Thirdly, Universities use some kind of a Software which checks whether your SOP is a copied one or a real one. I am not aware of any specifics regarding this Software, but it is true that they use a Software to check whether your SOP is a copied one.

Finally, I would say that your SOP should reflect You and it should match with all the Documents that you have provided.

How To Use The Sample SOP’s that are Available?

You might have seen many Websites and Blog that provide you Sample SOP’s. But they do not mention that it should not be copied, which is really a bad thing.

So you can go through the Sample SOP’s available. It is totally fine and a good idea before you start your SOP. In fact you have look at multiple SOP’s and see: –

  • How the Structure of the SOP’s are.
  • How long SOP’s are.
  • How the Vocabulary is used.
  • How the thought process flows from Goals, Achievements to Qualities etc.
  • Which Paragraph should include which details. For Example Paragraph 3 may include your goals and Achievements while Paragraph 2 may include your Scores in Different Grades etc.

So you can look for these points before Starting your SOP.

Finally, I would say that You can go through Multiple Sample SOP’s before writing your own SOP. But never Copy or Modify the previous SOP.

Always Remember — SOP Should Reflect You.

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