Confidence Plays A Bigger Role Than Your Profile: – F-1 Visa Interview

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Check out the F-1 Visa Interview Of Pradeep. Check out his Strategies and Tips for Tackling the F-1 Visa Interview. Confidence Plays A Bigger Role Than Your Profile because no matter what your profile is, even though you have a Low GRE/GPA, you must have confidence in convincing the VO that you are really passionate to do MS.

Check out the Interview below.

My Visa experience: – Pradeep.

Consulate: Chennai, December 3rd, time: 9 AM.
A KM long line in frnt of me…
Officer was a guy in his mid 40’s..
B4 me 2 visas got apprvd…bt deir prfl was gud enuf…

Me: Hey sir a very pleasant morning, hw u dng 2dy??
VO: Good sir, nd u?
Me: Excellent sir. Actually, U made me lose my nervousness, coz I haven’t had a wish in my previous VI’s.
VO: Alright, relax sir, feel free.
Me: Sir, Before we get started,may I make a small humble request?
VO: (surprisingly looking at me), please…
Me: Sir, I don’t want my inteview to be a rapid fire round. I request you to allow me to explain for each and every qs u ask me. Becase dis is alrdy my 3rd VI nd al d previous VI’s lasted only for 20-30 seconds.
VO: Alright, where u had ur previous interviews?
Me: Hyd sir.
VO: wch unv dis tym?
Me: Fairfield Unv sir.
VO: ok, let me take a look what my hyd colleagues had 2 say abt u..(checking previous correspondences)
Me: Sir, u don have 2 go thru al dose thngs sir, I’ll explain evrythng, honestly….
VO: Alright, wht was ur %?
Me: 61 sir.
VO: ny bklgs?
Me: Yes sir, actually 9, but I had 2 write a subjct for 3 tyms so it became 13, bt wid a good reason.
VO: But, I can see a diffrnt num here in your last VI. (pathodu 15 ani rasi chachadanta)
Me: Hw mny sir?
VO: my colleague says it’s 15….
Me: No way sir, you can check dem urslf.. (gave him d memos nd he was counting)
VO: Nd wt’s d reason u were saying?
Me: In d initial stages of ma btech, I haven’t conentrated mch on studies coz I was in2 a rock band in wch I was a rapper…(bt d truth is we planned 2 hava rock band but wer not able to launch it successfully due 2 sum rsns).
VO: So, it took u 2 nd hlf yrs to realize abt ur baklogs..
Me: Honestly speaking.. yes sir…I realized it in my 2nd sem of 3rd yr…nd frm der u wnt b able 2 find a single baklog, nd I’ve secured 80% in my last yr.
VO: (Looking at ma gre nd tfl.. my gre was 940 wch I’ve written last yr nd tfl is 97)
Me: (to distract him frm gre score..)Sir I think u 4got 2 ask me what have I done since I lost my visa last yr..
VO: Yes tel me wt did u do?
Me: I’ve been givng bst of ma services 2, since last Sep sir.
VO: wt was ur role der?
Me: A kindle specialiest sir, (started explaining wt’s kindle, but stopped me saying dat i knw wt’s kindle). We hav 2 find bugs nd typos in dat tablet nd rectify dem sir.
VO: So are u a Software tester?
Me: no… kind of… actually…. yes sir…(actually no :P)
VO: (laughed) y r u shy abt dat job sir? dat’s a gud 1 too.
Me: Sir…(looking deeply in2 his eyes..), U r presently viewing a completely changed person, who knws wat 2 do nd wat not 2 do…Nd also who knws d value of studies now…
VO: Was typing somethng…
Me: (was tryng 2 convince him) Sir, b4 u take ny decision, please rembr dat I jst need an oppurtunity nd a chance 2 repent 4 al d mstkes I’ve done..I’ll b prving ma slf dis tym nd I won’t let u dwn…
VO: (typing…typing…typing….) hold on sir…relax…give me a moment…
Me: So, I took it easy nd stopped convincing him..
VO: Alright, (giving bak my I-20, I thght malli d**ndi po) I’m ging dis bak 2 u. (holding my pasprt nd DS..) Sometimes, even if ya profile is low, ur speaking helps u a lot, wch happened in ur case… ur Visa is approved…. (gave hand 2 shake mine..)
Me: (shouted) OMG…. thnq sooo mch sir…. U rly rly made my day….
VO: Don agn go in2 rockband in US …. nd keep up ur confidence.. I lyk it….Njy ur stay der.
Me: I promise sir…..(evry1 der were smiling at me listening al dis conversation)

So guys… I gotta knw dat d unv doesn’t matr at all.. its jst ya confidence nd interaction wid d VO. He didn’t evn ask me for ny docs. For guys wid low prfl lyk me.. try convince him as mch as u can.. (speak wisely. If he’z listening, gave some sentimental dialogues) No matr hw he/she is, jst look in2 deir eyes deeply :P…

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