Concessions For Dyslexia Students In Universities

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Hello Everyone,

I got a question from one of the Students, whose named will not be published. The Student asked the question that “I was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2nd grade and have been coping with it since then by various means. University in which I did my Under-Graduation had also been very supportive by giving me concessions such as extra time to write the exam. I wish to specialize in database related subjects. Can u write a blog on concessions for dyslexics in US Universities.” So this entire post will focus on Concessions that US Universities provides to Dyslexia Students.

Answer From Admin: –

Apart from Applying and choosing the Best University for your MS, it is equally important that Students who have Dyslexia should also investigate in detail regarding the support facilities that the University you have selected offers. Almost all the Universities will have a team called as ‘Disability Team’(Name may change from one to another University). You should get in touch with this team to get to know more about the support and concessions that the University generally offers. Some of the questions that you can ask them are as follows: –

  • What Concessions are offered by the Universities?
  • What facilities are provided by the University?
  • How to register to receive support from the University?
  • What is the policy for Student Support?
  • What kind of support is expected?

Some of the Common Support That Universities Provide: –

Here are some of the common supports that Universities may provide. This also will differ from one University to another. Hence it’s better to get in touch with them directly and get your queries resolved.

  • Exam Help, with respect to providing extra time during exams etc.
  • Help/Translator, if part of your Dyslexia includes difficulty with spelling, slow copying speed when writing and difficulty translating ideas or thoughts into a written document.
  • Various Technologies that can help Dyslexia Students to pursue their Education.

To Conclude: –

When I was collecting this data from various sources, I came to know that Dyslexia Student Support Services are the best when it comes to Universities in UK. US Universities too provide support for the Students who have Dyslexia. I would strongly recommend that Students who has Dyslexia should contact the University that they will be going to and ask them all the queries with respect to the support provided by the Universities to them.

I hope this post was useful.

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