Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) Bill 2013 Overview

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Hello Everyone,

All the students might be hearing the news about the changes that are being proposed in the CIR Bill 2013. The Senate “Gang of Eight” has been working on an immigration proposal since last year and immigration reform bill is titled the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013″.

Below is the List of Changes that are proposed in this Bill

This post was will focus about the key changes that are put forward in the CIR Bill 2013 and how will it affect the students in the USA. It will not reflect all the changes but will reflect changes that are important for students.

1) Start-Up Visa: –

  • A new Entrepreneur “Start-up visa” category would be created for foreigners who want to create a company in the United States.

2) Increased Importance for Advanced Degree STEM Visas: –

  • Increased Emphasis given on retaining talented alien professionals with advanced degrees in Science, Arts Business and certain Medical Professional.
  • Therefore the bill has proposed that 40% of employment based visas would be allocated for these professionals. Advanced Degree STEM Graduates will also be included in this.

3) F-1 Visa Changes: –

  • The Bill has proposed to include two kinds of Visas under F-1 Visa itself and they are: – Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visas.
  • Immigrant Visa will be similar to those utilized in Canada and many European countries. So Students can specify their intents directly without trying to hide as to whether they will work in US or not.

4) H-1B Visa Changes: –

  • Cap would increase from 65,000 to 110,000.
  • Advanced Degree Cap raised to 25,000 per year and will be for Advanced STEM Degree Holders.
  • If numbers of Applications are more, then Cap would increase to a maximum of 180,000.
  • If Unemployment is high or applications for H-1B Visa have decreased, then too the Cap will remain 110,000.
  • H-1B Visas will require Higher Wage to be paid to US Workers.
  • Spouses of H-1B Holders will be able to receive Authorization to Work.

5) Green Cards: – 

  • Green Cards for PhD Graduates, provided their Course comes under the STEM List. Graduates who have completed their MS Degree are not included in this.
  • The time required to obtain a Green Card will also be reduced.

6) Lottery System Elimination: –

  • The Bill has proposed to abolish the Lottery System, as it took place this year 2013 (H1B Visa Lottery System In USA.). The system will be abolished by the year 2015.

To Conclude: – 

In all the Bill looks really great for the International Students. The Bill has been proposed and we need to wait for the final decision that takes place with respect to this Bill.

One thought on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) Bill 2013 Overview

  1. Hello ,

    I am prasad. i am planing to transfer to Northwestern polytechnic university(NPU). What are the H1b chances for NPU? As it is a private university, some people are saying that H1b will be tough. is it real? if immigration reform bill passed then will it effect H1b chances for NPU?

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