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I got a Question from one of the Student to explain about the I-20 in detail. So this post will provide you with a Complete Information related to your I-20 that you have or will be receiving after you get an admit in a University. The post will analyze the complete  I-20 and the faqs related to I-20 that Students generally have. So let’s discuss it one by one to get a complete idea about this I-20.


What I-20 Really Is?

I-20 is in fact a Multi-Purpose document which is issue by the Government Approved US Educational Institution/University which implies that you have been admitted to a Full Time course and that you have provided and showed sufficient funds that are required to stay and complete your Masters in the US. It is also known as an Eligibility Document which means that you are eligible now to apply for F-1 Visa. Getting an I-20 doesn’t mean that you are ready to enter into the US, but you need to clear the F-1 Visa Interview.

What Exactly Does I-20 Gets Created by the University?

So the first step of I-20 creation will be that you are admitted to that University. After the University selects the Student, the Students entire Information will be entered into the US Government Database called SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information). The SEVIS then creates a pdf file of the I-20 and issues it to the University. Then the University Authority prints and signs the I-20 and sends it to the Students. So after this if Students wants to make any changes in I-20 then all the changes should be recorded in the SEVIS.

After I-20 Received What Next?

After you receive your I-20 your next step will be taking an appointment for your F-1 Visa Interview so as to get your Visa for going to the US. As said above I-20 does not mean you have been admitted to the US, you have to clear the F-1 Visa Interview. Check out the Visa Bible which will guide through all the details: – The Visa Bible. Your I-20 will also be checked at the port of Entry in the USA.

 How I-20 Will Be Helpful When You Reach The US?

When you reach the US, I-20 document is considered as one of the main documents that International Students must be having it. It is almost used everywhere from getting your Social Security Number to getting a Part-Time Job in the US and also during the hiring process in the Career Fairs in USA.

Date Of Completion of Your I-20: – 

A Completion Date simply means, the time that University feels it may take you to complete your Course that you have enrolled for. If in some cases your Course will take longer time than expected then you must put an request to extend the time period that has been mentioned in the I-20. This can be done by contacting the University Office, but you must extend it or else you will end up in trouble.

OPT Period or 60 Day Grace Period: – 

A Grace period of 60 Days will be given to enroll in higher studies and get admitted in a University if you are willing to pursue Higher Education. If not you may apply for OPT by which you will get a 2 year extension for staying in the US for finding Jobs. So decision has to be made much before you complete your Graduation. Since it takes time to approve your OPT. So the earlier you start the Better.

I hope I was able to give you a Complete Overview on I-20. If you have any queries please feel free to ask in the Comment Box.

Complete Overview Of Your I-20

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